Name Size Rev Age Last Change
before_diffwork_081213 21063 9 years cvs2svn: This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag …
cnb_tags 23136 9 years beaumont: cleaning up old tags
doc 27971 8 years eugene: need to put the tags documentation in a subdir (or else we have to check …
eam_tags 22417 9 years eugene: adding list of tags, including deprecated tags
ifa-tree-is-primary 14890 11 years cvs2svn: This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag …
ipp-1-X 22674 9 years eugene: added additional old tag info
ipp-2-6-1-0 18803 10 years cvs2svn: This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'ipp-2-6-1-0'.
ipp-20100516 28071 8 years bills: Don't set run to update unless it has never been magicked or if the …
ipp-20100525 28147 8 years bills: postage stamp server changes from the trunk to work around problem …
ipp-20100602 28251 8 years bills: merge in bug fix from trunk
ipp-20100610 28374 8 years price: Fixing publication to work on cleaned up files.
ipp-20100616 28410 8 years watersc1: backport no-diff cleanup into the tag. backport corrected quality cut for …
ipp-20100623 29030 8 years eugene: add disk usage page
ipp-20100701 28945 8 years bills: when bundling warp_bg or chip_bg runs include the variance from the …
ipp-20100823 29525 8 years bills: no-op. I committed the last change in the trunk too. This merge syncs up …
ipp-20101029 29901 7 years bills: Add columns for detection efficiency parameters. Changes to psphot to set …
ipp-20101206 30046 7 years bills: Merge in fix to ppSub assertion failures due to psf fit problems
ipp-20101215 30687 7 years watersc1: period fix for diskbalance
ipp-20110218 31143 7 years watersc1: this also needs to use summit_id
ipp-20110406 31426 7 years bills: set reduction of nightly stacks to "NIGHTLY_STACK"
ipp-20110505 31646 7 years watersc1: Use offsets to speed up diskbalance
ipp-20110621 31679 7 years watersc1: Bug in setting the distribution group for the final stacks.
ipp-20110622 32640 7 years bills: don't pass -skycell_id to tool if value is 'all' This has been in use …
ipp-20111110 32991 6 years bills: no longer need to set masked pixels to NAN
ipp-20111222 33338 6 years bills: accept -jobType as parameter to -listjobs
ipp-20120216 33697 6 years bills: use $ipprc->redirect_to_logfile (this has been used for awhile)
ipp-20120404 33992 6 years watersc1: Fix psastro based on Gene's suggestion.
ipp-20120531 34019 6 years mhuber: merged adding change for readonly DBSERVER,DBUSER,DBPASSWORD use instead …
ipp-20120626 34237 6 years bills: Check whether warps needed to update a diffSkyfile completed with poor …
ipp-20120802 34736 5 years watersc1: database changes for skycal and background model metadata.
ipp-20121026 34850 5 years bills: minor changes to skycal times and fix way to large poll value for …
ipp-20121218 35201 5 years bills: Add skycalResult.fwhm_major and fwhm_minor. In staticsky -revert modes add …
ipp-20130307 35812 5 years bills: include addtion of chipRun.update_mode
ipp-20130620 35703 5 years bills: PATTERN.CONTINUITY causes large cell to cell offsets in M31 core. Turning …
ipp-20130712 37459 4 years eugene: bump up MAXSIZE so we do not clobber things…
ipp-20140114 36609 4 years bills: fix bug in fftool
ipp-20140506 36733 4 years mhuber: tag for MD deep stacks
ipp-20141008 37469 4 years mhuber: new nightly operations tag
ipp-20141024 39991 15 months mhuber: merge of modified, equivalent nightly config that was active through …
ipp-20141119 37771 3 years eugene: handle a bug in fullforce with unassigned models
ipp-20141224 37810 3 years eugene: deleted all mergeinfo from branch
ipp-20150115 37962 3 years eugene: merge from trunk (adding psf e1,e2 lensing terms)
ipp-20150312 39987 15 months watersc1: Merge from trunk of with prescan to skip completed components.
ipp-20150329 38205 3 years watersc1: Missing output filename fix.
ipp-20170121 40422 2 weeks mhuber: merge allow update for old pstamp web request.php to access multiple …
ipp-docs 22204 9 years eugene: moving docs-only tags to ipp-docs subdir
ipp-magic-v0-0 21460 9 years cvs2svn: This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'ipp-magic-v0-0'.
ipp-magic-v1-0 26069 9 years eugene: fix a few bugs found during the throughput demo (mostly pantasks setup …
ipp-mdpv3-20141104 37868 3 years mhuber: merge MD/CNP ppStack config mods
ipp-mdpv3-20150326 38231 3 years mhuber: merge update MD PV3 night stack config
ipp-psphot-20141104 37554 4 years bills: Fix typo in name of tag
ipp-pv3-20140616 36973 4 years watersc1: limit on defines.
ipp-pv3-20140717 39665 21 months watersc1: removing neb-initdb
ipp-pv3-cr-20140614 36931 4 years eugene: merge photcode rule changes from eam/ipp-20140610
ipp-test-20130502 35582 5 years mhuber: merging some config modifications
ipp-test-20130524 35622 5 years watersc1: Backport of fix Bill implemented on the trunk on Friday that resolves my …
ipp-test-20130703 35781 5 years watersc1: Add stack reduction
ipp-test-20130710 35808 5 years watersc1: changes for PV2_SAS
ipp-test-20140609 36843 4 years eugene: make a test tag : PV3 candidate build
ippdor-20111208 32896 6 years schastel: Tag release IPP-Condor framework 1.0
ippdvo-20110427 31652 7 years heather: commiting the tag to svn for ippdvo.
ippdvo-20121218 34847 5 years heather: new tag for ippdvo
ippdvo.20140425.lastpv1schema 36696 4 years heather: last pv1schema ipptopsps
jh_tags 22352 9 years eugene: moving developer tags to subdirs
neb_distrib_20081210_00 20891 9 years cvs2svn: This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag …
ohana 23446 9 years eugene: update branch and tag lists
Ohana-20160428 39562 2 years eugene: merging from trunk
owen-01 10380 11 years cvs2svn: This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'owen-01'.
pap_tags 22326 9 years eugene: moving developer tags to subdirs
rhl_tags 22319 9 years eugene: moving developer tags to subdirs
sj_tags 23262 9 years jester: Deleting old branches not currently in use
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