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add PS1_V3 schema; support for flat-field correction table in dvo; support for distributed dvo tables; support for ubercal fields and average ap mags; 4bit summary of detection-level photometry flags; 32bit values for poor & bad masks in photcode table

1STRUCT  SkyRegion
4SIZE    56
6FIELD   Rmin,      R_MIN,          float,
7FIELD   Rmax,      R_MAX,          float,
8FIELD   Dmin,      D_MIN,          float,
9FIELD   Dmax,      D_MAX,          float,
10FIELD   childS,    CHILD_S,        int,            sequence number in full table of first child
11FIELD   childE,    CHILD_E,        int,            sequence number in full table of last child + 1
12FIELD   parent,    PARENT,         int,            sequence number in full table of parent
13FIELD   index,     INDEX,          int,            sequence number in full table of this entry
14FIELD   depth,     DEPTH,          char,           depth of this entry
15FIELD   child,     CHILD,          char,           does this entry have children?
16FIELD   table,     TABLE,          char,           does this entry have a table?
17FIELD   name,      NAME,           char[18],       name / filename
18FIELD   hostFlags, HOST_FLAGS,     char,           flags to define host / backup usage
19FIELD   hostID,    HOST_ID,        unsigned char,  host ID where data is stored
20FIELD   backupID,  BACKUP_ID,      unsigned char,  host ID where backup is stored
22# note : 2012.02.05 : stole 3 bytes from 'name' to use for host ID and
23#        related (no DBs were created with more than 17 bytes in the
24#        name).  The hostID points at an entry in the host table (text
25#        file, with name given in SkyTable PHU header).  There is no
26#        safety on this, but it is recoverable (by examining the
27#        directories) if misplaced.
29#        Note that SkyTables from databases generated in the past may
30#        have garbage characters here.  To ensure catch this
31#        condition, we add a header keyword to SkyTables in which the
32#        hostID has been set; if that is not present, the SkyTable
33#        loading software should init these bytes to 0 (== unassigned).
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