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replace dummy field with NwarpOK; fix output FITS field name for NSTARPAR

1STRUCT       Average
4SIZE         192
5DESCRIPTION  DVO Average Object Table
7# elements of data structure / FITS table
9FIELD R,              RA,          double,          RA,                           decimal degrees
10FIELD D,              DEC,         double,          DEC,                          decimal degrees
11FIELD dR,             RA_ERR,      float,           RA error,                     arcsec
12FIELD dD,             DEC_ERR,     float,           DEC error,                    arcsec
14FIELD uR,             U_RA,        float,           RA*cos(D) proper-motion,      arcsec/year
15FIELD uD,             U_DEC,       float,           DEC proper-motion,            arcsec/year
16FIELD duR,            V_RA_ERR,    float,           RA*cos(D) p-m error,          arcsec/year
17FIELD duD,            V_DEC_ERR,   float,           DEC p-m error,                arcsec/year
18FIELD P,              PAR,         float,           parallax,                     arcsec
19FIELD dP,             PAR_ERR,     float,           parallax error,               arcsec
21FIELD Rstk,           RA_STK,      double,          RA on stack,                  decimal degrees
22FIELD Dstk,           DEC_STK,     double,          DEC on stack,                 decimal degrees
23FIELD dRstk,          RA_STK_ERR,  float,           RA error on stack,            arcsec
24FIELD dDstk,          DEC_STK_ERR, float,           DEC error on stack,           arcsec
26FIELD ChiSqAve,       CHISQ_POS,   float,           astrometry analysis chisq
27FIELD ChiSqPM,        CHISQ_PM,    float,           astrometry analysis chisq
28FIELD ChiSqPar,       CHISQ_PAP,   float,           astrometry analysis chisq
29FIELD Tmean,          MEAN_EPOCH,  int,             mean epoch (PM,PAR ref),       unix time seconds
30FIELD Trange,         TIME_RANGE,  int,             mean epoch (PM,PAR ref),       unix time seconds
32FIELD psfQF,          PSF_QF,      float,           psf coverage (bad masks)
33FIELD psfQFperf,      PSF_QF_PERF, float,           psf coverage (all masks)
35FIELD stargal,        STARGAL_SEP, float,           star / galaxy separator,       1/100 arcsec
36FIELD Npos,           NUMBER_POS,  unsigned short,  number of detections used for astrometry
38# this limits us to a max of 64k measurements per object
39FIELD Nmeasure,       NMEASURE,    unsigned short,  number of psf measurements
40FIELD Nmissing,       NMISSING,    unsigned short,  number of missings
41FIELD Nlensing,       NLENSING,    unsigned short,  number of lensing measurements
42FIELD Nlensobj,       NLENSOBJ,    unsigned short,  number of lensing measurements
43FIELD Ngalphot,       NGALPHOT,    unsigned short,  number of galphot measurements
45FIELD measureOffset,  OFF_MEASURE,  int,             offset to first psf measurement
46FIELD missingOffset,  OFF_MISSING,  int,             offset to first missing obs
47FIELD lensingOffset,  OFF_LENSING,  int,            offset to first lensing obs
48FIELD lensobjOffset,  OFF_LENSOBJ,  int,            offset to mean lensing data
49FIELD starparOffset,  OFF_STARPAR,  int,            offset to stellar parameter data
50FIELD galphotOffset,  OFF_GALPHOT,  int,            offset to extended object entry
52FIELD refColorBlue,   REF_COLOR_BLUE, float,        color of astrometry ref stars
53FIELD refColorRed,    REF_COLOR_RED,  float,        color of astrometry ref stars
55FIELD tessID,         TESS_ID,       char,          ID of tessellation for primary skycell
56FIELD skycellID,      SKYCELL_ID,    char,          ID of skycell for primary skycell
57FIELD projectionID,   PROJECTION_ID, short,         ID of projection for primary skycell
59FIELD Nstarpar,       NSTARPAR,      short,         number of stellar parameter entries
60FIELD NwarpOK,        NWARP_OK,      short,         total number of warp measurements with psf_qf > 0.0
62# 'flags' was called 'code' prior to 2009.02.07
63FIELD flags,          FLAGS,       uint32_t,        average object flags (star; ghost; etc)
64FIELD photFlagsUpper, PHOTFLAGS_U, uint32_t,        upper bit of 2 bit summary of per-measure photflags
65FIELD photFlagsLower, PHOTFLAGS_L, uint32_t,        lower bit of 2 bit summary of per-measure photflags
67# objID + catID gives a unique ID for all objects in the database
68FIELD objID,          OBJ_ID,      unsigned int,    unique ID for object in table
69FIELD catID,          CAT_ID,      unsigned int,    unique ID for table in which object was first realized
70FIELD extID,          EXT_ID,      uint64_t,        external ID for object (eg PSPS objID)
72# replace extIDgc (unused) with uRgal, uDgal:
73# FIELD extIDgc,      EXT_ID_GC,   uint64_t,        external ID for object in galactic coords
74FIELD uRgal,          U_RA_GAL,    float,           modeled proper motion based on galactic motion
75FIELD uDgal,          U_DEC_GAL,   float,           modeled proper motion based on galactic motion
77# this structure should only be used for internal representations
78# the average-FORMAT structures should be used for external representations
79# note that the average magnitudes are stored in the 'secfilt' table (change this name??)
80# the index for the secfilt table is just Nsecfilt times the index for the average table.
82# *** 20090206 : new fields : ChiSq, Npos, flags (was code, uint16_t), extID
83# *** 20100331 : new fields needed to assess astrometry analysis quality:
84# *** 20140617 : new fields : Rstk, Dstk, dRstk,dDstk, Nlensing, Nlensobj, lensingOffset, lensobjOffset, refColor
86# photflagsUpper & photflagsLower: we have Nmeasures of a given source
87# using psphot. each of these as a photFlag field, with bits
88# describing the detection quality.  photflagsUpper and photFlagsLower
89# represent a 2 bit value (0-3) which defines the frequency of a given
90# bit in the measurements:
91# for a given bit, if that bit is raised for these percentile ranges,
92# the following bits are set:
93# min |  max | L | U
94#  0% |  25% | 0 | 0
95# 25% |  50% | 1 | 0
96# 50% |  75% | 0 | 1
97# 75% | 100% | 1 | 1
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