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#1121 Should be able to define per-camera reduction classes without parent in global recipes/*.config file assigned eugene enhancement highest
#1288 relphot needs to be robust against NaN and should probably do flag-checking new eugene defect highest
#817 all ps* software should have a license attached to it assigned eugene defect high
#818 test gcc4 auto vectorization optimization assigned price defect high
#834 psLib make install installs despite no changes assigned eugene defect high
#917 Add mechanism for IPP to know that a given file has already been detrended (from header or filename) reopened price enhancement high
#1009 pcontrol crashes when node crashes assigned eugene defect high
#1019 variable interval for .load functions assigned eugene enhancement high
#1025 M31 Bulge sources ignored with a hack assigned eugene enhancement high
#1033 add uninstall option to Ohana build assigned eugene enhancement high
#1041 2.4-cr-0: psbuild -bootstrap $DIR fails unless $DIR==$PSCONFDIR assigned eugene defect high
#1047 Should be able to specify chip rotations in format.config assigned price enhancement high
#1071 ppStats on compressed images yield different results than uncompressed assigned price defect high
#1086 Inconsistent allowed variable names and parsing: CTIO4m.I.MOSAIC2 new eugene defect high
#1087 Request to have default 'site.config' file created by default install. new price enhancement high
#1090 psphot should use weight map in calculating background accepted eugene defect high
#1100 addstar fails before parsing options unless .ptolemyrc points to a valid dvo.config, even if a valid dvo.config is pointed to on the command line new eugene enhancement high
#1108 pantasks gives a Bus Error on my Mac OS 10.5.4 PowerPC reopened eugene defect high
#1112 background model should not use a small fraction of superpixel at edges new eugene enhancement high
#1113 do not build nebclient stuff in external releases new eugene enhancement high
#1114 issues with extended source fits new eugene enhancement high
#1117 Suggestion: shape drawing onto the Kapa window new eugene enhancement high
#1120 psastro return status must be accurate new eugene defect high
#1127 pschecklibs -build selects tagsets/ipp-2.6.libs even if a 2.6.1 tagset is present new eugene defect high
#1128 detrend creation validates detrend even if all are input are excluded assigned price enhancement high
#1129 output headers for pswarp (cmf and image) are poorly constructed assigned price defect high
#1133 ADDSTAR does not run properly on older files new eugene enhancement high
#1134 smf files are PS1_DEV_0 not PS1_DEV_1 like cmf and as expected assigned eugene defect high
#1136 psconfig needs to make sure all dependent libraries are found with exactly the required versions, even if multiple versions are floating around on the system new eugene defect high
#1137 pantasks is unable to handle multiple concurrent IPP versions new eugene enhancement high
#1140 Request for ppSim to write out noiseless versions of detrend and science image new price enhancement high
#1144 psbuild seems to ignore errors in pscheckperl -build process new eugene defect high
#1146 pantasks should store command lines of commands it issues in a log file new eugene enhancement high
#1149 addstar doesn't load dM, dRA, dDec from GPC1 pt 2 .cmf files new eugene defect high
#1152 PSF_INST_MAG_SIG all NaN in pswarp .cmf files assigned price defect high
#1158 Adding error bars to the "dot" command new eugene enhancement high
#1161 flat-field creation does not set valid FILTER in header assigned eugene defect high
#1167 Kapa + region causes long delay over remote X connections. assigned eugene defect high
#1168 Provide `basename` for PPSUB.REFERENCE and PPSUB.INPUT new price enhancement high
#1172 inconsistent output headers in smf files new price enhancement high
#1173 dvo should ask before creating non-existing CATDIR new eugene enhancement high
#1178 opihi should do something more reasonable if the assignment is a syntax error new eugene defect high --
#1214 psphot output does not correct sigmas to fwhms for psf parameters. new eugene defect high --
#1230 Satellite streaks and cells edges can be masked as CRs assigned eugene defect high --
#1232 psVectorStats raises errors in too many places new eugene defect high --
#1233 detselect logic is wrong in some cases accepted eugene defect high --
#1278 Request for addstar-compatible .cmf files as output of ppSub+psphot new eugene enhancement high
#1352 psphotForced not working in trunk or eam branch new eugene defect high
#1372 user requests import of UKIDSS catalogs to DVO new bills defect high
#1375 nebulous replication left an empty file behind accepted watersc1 defect high
#1383 science cleanup needs to relocate log files assigned watersc1 defect high
#1388 pstamptool -getdependent should return whole object not just id new bills defect high
#1410 detectability server too cumbersome for forced photometry new bills enhancement high
#1483 PSF_INST_FLUX_SIG is negative for negative values of PSF_INST_FLUX new magnier defect high
#1500 czarpoll crashes when it's restarted new rhenders defect high
#822 IERS table support needs to be rewritten assigned eugene defect normal
#894 HAVE_KAPA="true" should be relaxed so that ./configure --disable-kapa works new eugene enhancement normal
#1104 Thresholding when PSF is supplied assigned eugene enhancement normal
#1171 Nebulous issues with missing files assigned watersc1@… enhancement normal
#1183 dettool -defineby... should require more things by default new eugene defect normal --
#1187 unify uri and path_base to just path_base assigned watersc1@… defect normal
#1191 Failed Raw Imfiles page doesn't link to log new eugene defect normal --
#1193 redo version info for remaining packages assigned eugene defect normal
#1195 needs to call ppSub with -refsources now? new price defect normal --
#1196 pantasks_client command to show server commands (server help) new eugene defect normal --
#1199 chiptool -updaterun need 'pretend' option assigned eugene defect normal --
#1213 chiptool -definebyquery -dateobs_begin fails to get HH:MM:SS new eugene defect normal --
#1216 Request for -version option for all command-line executables assigned welling enhancement normal --
#1218 Debugging ppSub: option to save stamp position used to determine the kernel accepted price enhancement normal --
#1219 Segfault in psphot when used on chip images with -F flags assigned price defect normal
#1224 pswarp should generate jpegs new price enhancement normal --
#1225 psbuild: restrict extlibs and extperl dependencies depending on what's being built assigned eugene enhancement normal
#1239 "Ohana-only" tarball needs to include ippconfig new eugene defect normal --
#1247 psphot -modeltest should write the appropriate .cmf file new eugene enhancement normal --
#1253 DVO seg faults with mextract on 2.3 million+ measures from ThreePi.Run2.v0 catdir new magnier defect normal --
#1254 Ability to step through DVO database in subsections that cover entire catalog new magnier enhancement normal
#1257 relphot solution applied to diff mags new eugene enhancement normal --
#1264 Add ability to build without the -Werror flag assigned eugene enhancement normal
#1268 CAL_PSF_MAG_SIG all same value; should be equal to PSF_INST_MAG_SIG values new magnier defect normal --
#1269 How to retrieve DVO list with unique measures new magnier enhancement normal
#1273 $Var ++ processing is only parsed correctly at the start of a line new eugene defect normal --
#1285 addstar sometimes generates SkyTable.fits for wrong table depth new eugene defect normal
#1286 DVO measure needs dMcal and dMaper new eugene defect normal
#1287 zero points in psastro and addstar new eugene defect normal
#1291 skycells needs to allow for overlapping edges. assigned eugene defect normal
#1297 x_psf_sig and y_psf_sig new eugene defect normal
#1298 suspect bad memory assigned cindy defect normal
#1299 Verify that MCE is enabled in the BIOS of all wave #2 nodes assigned cindy defect normal
#1300 configure the firewall services module in IPP core assigned cindy defect normal
#1301 figure out why alala can't rebuild it's raid set assigned cindy defect normal
#1302 test bonding on master.ipp assigned cindy defect normal
#1304 ipp000 has a dead CPU socket assigned cindy defect normal
#1306 2nd PDU in cab3 needs to be installed assigned cindy defect normal
#1311 masks for non-existent stars in g band MD06 stacks assigned eugene defect normal
#1313 linear artifacts in image stacks assigned price defect normal
#1318 Print double-precision values in DVO new magnier enhancement normal
#1321 Dynamic shared library libcfitsio not referred to most portably in Mac OS X assigned eugene defect normal
#1323 DVO image table parent_id new eugene enhancement normal
#1324 latest Xcode for mac 10.5 breaks building of IPP assigned heather defect normal
#1325 DVO nmeas vs ncode vs nused new eugene defect normal
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