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Component: DVO (40 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#1288 relphot needs to be robust against NaN and should probably do flag-checking new defect highest DVO
#1086 Inconsistent allowed variable names and parsing: CTIO4m.I.MOSAIC2 new defect high DVO
#1117 Suggestion: shape drawing onto the Kapa window new enhancement high DVO
#1149 addstar doesn't load dM, dRA, dDec from GPC1 pt 2 .cmf files new defect high DVO
#1158 Adding error bars to the "dot" command new enhancement high DVO
#1167 Kapa + region causes long delay over remote X connections. assigned defect high DVO
#1173 dvo should ask before creating non-existing CATDIR new enhancement high DVO
#1278 Request for addstar-compatible .cmf files as output of ppSub+psphot new enhancement high DVO
#1372 user requests import of UKIDSS catalogs to DVO new defect high DVO
#1239 "Ohana-only" tarball needs to include ippconfig new defect normal -- DVO
#1253 DVO seg faults with mextract on 2.3 million+ measures from ThreePi.Run2.v0 catdir new defect normal -- DVO
#1254 Ability to step through DVO database in subsections that cover entire catalog new enhancement normal DVO
#1257 relphot solution applied to diff mags new enhancement normal -- DVO
#1269 How to retrieve DVO list with unique measures new enhancement normal DVO
#1285 addstar sometimes generates SkyTable.fits for wrong table depth new defect normal DVO
#1286 DVO measure needs dMcal and dMaper new defect normal DVO
#1287 zero points in psastro and addstar new defect normal DVO
#1318 Print double-precision values in DVO new enhancement normal DVO
#1323 DVO image table parent_id new enhancement normal DVO
#1325 DVO nmeas vs ncode vs nused new defect normal DVO
#1327 Images.dat enhancement new enhancement normal DVO
#1329 DVO SkyTable corruption for mis-matched groups new defect normal DVO
#1332 DVO aperture mags new enhancement normal DVO
#1336 ppSim does not generate a valid .cmf file for addstar new defect normal DVO
#1354 Would like to use DVO on stack cmf files new enhancement normal DVO
#1362 some null fields on the DVO image table new defect normal DVO
#1368 Exposures waiting on fixed reference catalogue new defect normal DVO
#1401 RELASTRO_SRC_MEAS_TOOFEW not in current trunk new defect normal DVO
#1409 imextract returns nonsensical results for several fields new defect normal DVO
#1415 protect dvo_catalog_save against HUP signal new defect normal DVO
#1205 dvo segfaults on unknown db version new defect low DVO
#1252 dvo par, dpar set to RA, Dec instead of NULL, 0, or new defect low -- DVO
#1319 Add photcode to output of lightcurve new enhancement low DVO
#1376 SDSS Photcodes Poorly Labeled new defect low DVO
#1430 DVO imlist command printing wrong imageID numbers new defect low DVO
#1482 DVO mextract null vectors new defect low DVO
#1072 NULL database values cause DVO seg faults assigned defect lowest DVO
#1212 should be generic new defect lowest -- DVO
#1238 Would be nice to be able to ctrl-z out of pantasks new enhancement lowest -- DVO
#1314 no error with photcode-table -import with a non-existing file assigned defect lowest DVO

Component: Nebulous (9 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#1375 nebulous replication left an empty file behind accepted defect high Nebulous
#1171 Nebulous issues with missing files assigned enhancement normal Nebulous
#1340 neb-rm -f is not functional assigned defect normal Nebulous
#1341 Nebulous delete handling of unavailable instances new enhancement normal Nebulous
#1389 neb-df new defect normal Nebulous
#1398 nebulous "slow query" timeout is too short new defect normal Nebulous
#1400 neb-migrate is painfully slow new defect normal Nebulous
#1491 neb-cull should preferentially remove zero byte files new defect normal Nebulous
#1184 Nebulous calls die() assigned defect low Nebulous

Component: Ohana (12 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#1100 addstar fails before parsing options unless .ptolemyrc points to a valid dvo.config, even if a valid dvo.config is pointed to on the command line new enhancement high Ohana
#1133 ADDSTAR does not run properly on older files new enhancement high Ohana
#1178 opihi should do something more reasonable if the assignment is a syntax error new defect high -- Ohana
#1291 skycells needs to allow for overlapping edges. assigned defect normal Ohana
#1324 latest Xcode for mac 10.5 breaks building of IPP assigned defect normal Ohana
#1436 Ohana Shutdown segfaults new defect normal Ohana
#1180 DVO C-C interrupt does not break out to top level assigned defect low Ohana
#1242 Ohana: Multiple groups not respected new defect low -- Ohana
#1358 Remove "#include malloc.h" from Ohana/src/opihi/ assigned defect low Ohana
#1378 Type confusion and strict aliasing in gtfringetable reopened defect low Ohana
#1486 "status" not initialized in Ohana/src/libdvo/src/dvo_catalog_split.c new defect low Ohana
#1487 Ohana/src/uniphot/lib in library list but doesn't exist new defect lowest Ohana

Component: PSLib (17 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#1232 psVectorStats raises errors in too many places new defect high -- PSLib
#822 IERS table support needs to be rewritten assigned defect normal PSLib
#1342 psMatrix.c ignores gsl return errors new defect normal PSLib
#1450 psFitsRead / psFitsDumpErrors inconsistency new defect normal PSLib
#691 Add an "arrayType" member to psArray assigned enhancement low PSLib
#786 psMetadataItemCompare needs clarification assigned defect low PSLib
#789 psLog & psTrace should have the same prototype assigned enhancement low PSLib
#794 psTrace*() is not thread safe assigned defect low PSLib
#849 merge psImageBackground and psImageStats new enhancement low PSLib
#1006 psMetadataItemAlloc() allocates an empty string for comments assigned enhancement low PSLib
#1470 Infinity floating-point values management assigned enhancement low PSLib
#660 psEOC_CEOtoGCRS has largish difference assigned defect lowest PSLib
#721 New functions: psFitsIsImage and psFitsIsTable assigned enhancement lowest PSLib
#725 Hash algorithm assigned enhancement lowest PSLib
#727 Region for psImageCut assigned defect lowest PSLib
#757 psSphereRot_ITRStoTEO in EOC has sign difference assigned defect lowest PSLib
#795 all psError() messages strings should be wrapped in _() assigned defect lowest PSLib

Component: PanTasks (11 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#1009 pcontrol crashes when node crashes assigned defect high PanTasks
#1108 pantasks gives a Bus Error on my Mac OS 10.5.4 PowerPC reopened defect high PanTasks
#1137 pantasks is unable to handle multiple concurrent IPP versions new enhancement high PanTasks
#1146 pantasks should store command lines of commands it issues in a log file new enhancement high PanTasks
#1196 pantasks_client command to show server commands (server help) new defect normal -- PanTasks
#1273 $Var ++ processing is only parsed correctly at the start of a line new defect normal -- PanTasks
#1350 pantasks number of label limit new defect normal PanTasks
#1456 consider time stamping pantasks error messages new enhancement normal PanTasks
#1206 in pantasks, non-zero exit status should not always be a failure new enhancement low -- PanTasks
#1333 add user-options to modify pcontrol client restart time new enhancement low PanTasks
#1370 pantasks_client can only connect to a server at start-up new enhancement low PanTasks

Component: docs (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#1326 replace restricted links to project pages if possible new defect normal docs
#702 C Code Standards astyle appendix is deficient assigned defect low docs

Component: hardware (8 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#1298 suspect bad memory assigned defect normal hardware
#1299 Verify that MCE is enabled in the BIOS of all wave #2 nodes assigned defect normal hardware
#1300 configure the firewall services module in IPP core assigned defect normal hardware
#1301 figure out why alala can't rebuild it's raid set assigned defect normal hardware
#1302 test bonding on master.ipp assigned defect normal hardware
#1304 ipp000 has a dead CPU socket assigned defect normal hardware
#1306 2nd PDU in cab3 needs to be installed assigned defect normal hardware
#1348 IPP034 bad raid card assigned defect normal hardware

Component: ippMonitor (1 match)

Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#1500 czarpoll crashes when it's restarted new defect high ippMonitor
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