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#1288 relphot needs to be robust against NaN and should probably do flag-checking DVO current defect eugene new 08/03/09
#1121 Should be able to define per-camera reduction classes without parent in global recipes/*.config file ippconfig 2.5 enhancement eugene assigned 08/01/08
#1178 opihi should do something more reasonable if the assignment is a syntax error Ohana None defect eugene new 02/23/09
#1214 psphot output does not correct sigmas to fwhms for psf parameters. psphot None defect eugene new 04/02/09
#1230 Satellite streaks and cells edges can be masked as CRs psphot current None defect eugene assigned 04/24/09
#1232 psVectorStats raises errors in too many places PSLib None defect eugene new 04/26/09
#1233 detselect logic is wrong in some cases ippTools None defect eugene accepted 04/29/09
#817 all ps* software should have a license attached to it misc unspecified defect eugene assigned 09/08/06
#818 test gcc4 auto vectorization optimization misc unspecified defect price assigned 09/09/06
#834 psLib make install installs despite no changes psconfig 0.11.0 defect eugene assigned 10/13/06
#1009 pcontrol crashes when node crashes PanTasks unspecified defect eugene assigned 11/13/07
#1041 2.4-cr-0: psbuild -bootstrap $DIR fails unless $DIR==$PSCONFDIR psconfig unspecified defect eugene assigned 02/18/08
#1071 ppStats on compressed images yield different results than uncompressed ppStats 2.5 defect price assigned 04/02/08
#1086 Inconsistent allowed variable names and parsing: CTIO4m.I.MOSAIC2 DVO 2.5 defect eugene new 04/27/08
#1090 psphot should use weight map in calculating background psphot 2.5 defect eugene accepted 05/01/08
#1108 pantasks gives a Bus Error on my Mac OS 10.5.4 PowerPC PanTasks 2.5 defect eugene reopened 07/17/08
#1120 psastro return status must be accurate psastro 2.6 defect eugene new 08/01/08
#1127 pschecklibs -build selects tagsets/ipp-2.6.libs even if a 2.6.1 tagset is present psconfig 2.6 defect eugene new 08/13/08
#1129 output headers for pswarp (cmf and image) are poorly constructed pswarp unspecified defect price assigned 08/16/08
#1134 smf files are PS1_DEV_0 not PS1_DEV_1 like cmf and as expected psphot 2.6 defect eugene assigned 09/09/08
#1136 psconfig needs to make sure all dependent libraries are found with exactly the required versions, even if multiple versions are floating around on the system psconfig 2.6 defect eugene new 09/12/08
#1144 psbuild seems to ignore errors in pscheckperl -build process psconfig 2.6 defect eugene new 10/04/08
#1149 addstar doesn't load dM, dRA, dDec from GPC1 pt 2 .cmf files DVO 2.6 defect eugene new 10/21/08
#1152 PSF_INST_MAG_SIG all NaN in pswarp .cmf files pswarp 2.6 defect price assigned 11/04/08
#1161 flat-field creation does not set valid FILTER in header ppImage unspecified defect eugene assigned 11/13/08
#1167 Kapa + region causes long delay over remote X connections. DVO unspecified defect eugene assigned 12/05/08
#1352 psphotForced not working in trunk or eam branch psphot current defect eugene new 02/08/10
#1372 user requests import of UKIDSS catalogs to DVO DVO defect bills new 05/05/10
#1375 nebulous replication left an empty file behind Nebulous defect watersc1 accepted 05/07/10
#1383 science cleanup needs to relocate log files ippTasks defect watersc1 assigned 05/17/10
#1388 pstamptool -getdependent should return whole object not just id pstamp defect bills new 05/27/10
#1483 PSF_INST_FLUX_SIG is negative for negative values of PSF_INST_FLUX psphot Development Stage defect magnier new 04/27/11
#1500 czarpoll crashes when it's restarted ippMonitor defect rhenders new 11/01/11
#917 Add mechanism for IPP to know that a given file has already been detrended (from header or filename) ippScripts unspecified enhancement price reopened 08/14/07
#1019 variable interval for .load functions ippTasks 2.2 enhancement eugene assigned 12/12/07
#1025 M31 Bulge sources ignored with a hack psastro unspecified enhancement eugene assigned 01/07/08
#1033 add uninstall option to Ohana build psconfig unspecified enhancement eugene assigned 01/10/08
#1047 Should be able to specify chip rotations in format.config ippconfig unspecified enhancement price assigned 02/27/08
#1087 Request to have default 'site.config' file created by default install. ippconfig 2.5 enhancement price new 04/30/08
#1100 addstar fails before parsing options unless .ptolemyrc points to a valid dvo.config, even if a valid dvo.config is pointed to on the command line Ohana 2.5 enhancement eugene new 05/25/08
#1112 background model should not use a small fraction of superpixel at edges psphot unspecified enhancement eugene new 07/20/08
#1113 do not build nebclient stuff in external releases psconfig unspecified enhancement eugene new 07/23/08
#1114 issues with extended source fits psphot unspecified enhancement eugene new 07/24/08
#1117 Suggestion: shape drawing onto the Kapa window DVO unspecified enhancement eugene new 07/25/08
#1128 detrend creation validates detrend even if all are input are excluded ippScripts unspecified enhancement price assigned 08/15/08
#1133 ADDSTAR does not run properly on older files Ohana 2.6 enhancement eugene new 09/08/08
#1137 pantasks is unable to handle multiple concurrent IPP versions PanTasks 2.6 enhancement eugene new 09/12/08
#1140 Request for ppSim to write out noiseless versions of detrend and science image ppSim 2.6 enhancement price new 09/16/08
#1146 pantasks should store command lines of commands it issues in a log file PanTasks 2.6 enhancement eugene new 10/08/08
#1158 Adding error bars to the "dot" command DVO 2.6 enhancement eugene new 11/11/08
#1168 Provide `basename` for PPSUB.REFERENCE and PPSUB.INPUT ppSub unspecified enhancement price new 12/17/08
#1172 inconsistent output headers in smf files ippconfig unspecified enhancement price new 01/03/09
#1173 dvo should ask before creating non-existing CATDIR DVO unspecified enhancement eugene new 01/12/09
#1278 Request for addstar-compatible .cmf files as output of ppSub+psphot DVO current enhancement eugene new 07/17/09
#1410 detectability server too cumbersome for forced photometry ppstamp enhancement bills new 07/19/10
#1183 dettool -defineby... should require more things by default ippTools None defect eugene new 03/03/09
#1191 Failed Raw Imfiles page doesn't link to log ippMonitor None defect eugene new 03/04/09
#1195 diff_skycell.pl needs to call ppSub with -refsources now? ippScripts None defect price new 03/10/09
#1196 pantasks_client command to show server commands (server help) PanTasks None defect eugene new 03/11/09
#1199 chiptool -updaterun need 'pretend' option ippTools None defect eugene assigned 03/12/09
#1213 chiptool -definebyquery -dateobs_begin fails to get HH:MM:SS ippTools None defect eugene new 03/31/09
#1239 "Ohana-only" tarball needs to include ippconfig DVO current None defect eugene new 05/05/09
#1253 DVO seg faults with mextract on 2.3 million+ measures from ThreePi.Run2.v0 catdir DVO current None defect magnier new 05/19/09
#1268 CAL_PSF_MAG_SIG all same value; should be equal to PSF_INST_MAG_SIG values psphot None defect magnier new 06/23/09
#1273 $Var ++ processing is only parsed correctly at the start of a line PanTasks current None defect eugene new 06/29/09
#1216 Request for -version option for all command-line executables misc None enhancement welling assigned 04/03/09
#1218 Debugging ppSub: option to save stamp position used to determine the kernel ppSub unspecified None enhancement price accepted 04/06/09
#1224 pswarp should generate jpegs ippTasks None enhancement price new 04/21/09
#1247 psphot -modeltest should write the appropriate .cmf file psphot None enhancement eugene new 05/11/09
#1257 relphot solution applied to diff mags DVO None enhancement eugene new 05/21/09
#822 IERS table support needs to be rewritten PSLib 0.12.99 defect eugene assigned 09/22/06
#1187 unify uri and path_base to just path_base ippTools defect watersc1@… assigned 03/03/09
#1193 redo version info for remaining packages misc defect eugene assigned 03/05/09
#1219 Segfault in psphot when used on chip images with -F flags psModules Development Stage defect price assigned 04/10/09
#1285 addstar sometimes generates SkyTable.fits for wrong table depth DVO defect eugene new 07/28/09
#1286 DVO measure needs dMcal and dMaper DVO defect eugene new 08/02/09
#1287 zero points in psastro and addstar DVO defect eugene new 08/02/09
#1291 skycells needs to allow for overlapping edges. Ohana defect eugene assigned 08/07/09
#1297 x_psf_sig and y_psf_sig psphot defect eugene new 08/13/09
#1298 suspect bad memory hardware defect cindy assigned 08/18/09
#1299 Verify that MCE is enabled in the BIOS of all wave #2 nodes hardware defect cindy assigned 08/18/09
#1300 configure the firewall services module in IPP core hardware defect cindy assigned 08/18/09
#1301 figure out why alala can't rebuild it's raid set hardware defect cindy assigned 08/18/09
#1302 test bonding on master.ipp hardware defect cindy assigned 08/18/09
#1304 ipp000 has a dead CPU socket hardware defect cindy assigned 08/18/09
#1306 2nd PDU in cab3 needs to be installed hardware defect cindy assigned 08/18/09
#1311 masks for non-existent stars in g band MD06 stacks misc unspecified defect eugene assigned 08/19/09
#1313 linear artifacts in image stacks ppStack defect price assigned 08/20/09
#1321 Dynamic shared library libcfitsio not referred to most portably in Mac OS X psconfig defect eugene assigned 08/30/09
#1324 latest Xcode for mac 10.5 breaks building of IPP Ohana current defect heather assigned 08/31/09
#1325 DVO nmeas vs ncode vs nused DVO defect eugene new 09/01/09
#1326 replace restricted links to project pages if possible docs defect eugene new 09/08/09
#1329 DVO SkyTable corruption for mis-matched groups DVO defect eugene new 09/21/09
#1335 psphot -modeltest cannot do forced photometry of empty sky psphot current defect eugene new 10/23/09
#1336 ppSim does not generate a valid .cmf file for addstar DVO defect eugene new 11/02/09
#1340 neb-rm -f is not functional Nebulous defect watersc1 assigned 12/02/09
#1342 psMatrix.c ignores gsl return errors PSLib defect eugene new 12/06/09
#1344 Optionally link recipe values to dates and/or camera formats ippconfig defect price new 01/08/10
#1345 psastro fails to find zeropoint in simtest psastro defect eugene new 01/11/10
#1346 stacktool bugs ippTools defect watersc1 assigned 01/14/10
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