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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#1178 opihi should do something more reasonable if the assignment is a syntax error Ohana defect eugene new 02/23/09
#1214 psphot output does not correct sigmas to fwhms for psf parameters. psphot defect eugene new 04/02/09
#1232 psVectorStats raises errors in too many places PSLib defect eugene new 04/26/09
#1233 detselect logic is wrong in some cases ippTools defect eugene accepted 04/29/09
#1372 user requests import of UKIDSS catalogs to DVO DVO defect bills new 05/05/10
#1375 nebulous replication left an empty file behind Nebulous defect watersc1 accepted 05/07/10
#1383 science cleanup needs to relocate log files ippTasks defect watersc1 assigned 05/17/10
#1388 pstamptool -getdependent should return whole object not just id pstamp defect bills new 05/27/10
#1500 czarpoll crashes when it's restarted ippMonitor defect rhenders new 11/01/11
#1410 detectability server too cumbersome for forced photometry ppstamp enhancement bills new 07/19/10
#1183 dettool -defineby... should require more things by default ippTools defect eugene new 03/03/09
#1187 unify uri and path_base to just path_base ippTools defect watersc1@… assigned 03/03/09
#1191 Failed Raw Imfiles page doesn't link to log ippMonitor defect eugene new 03/04/09
#1193 redo version info for remaining packages misc defect eugene assigned 03/05/09
#1195 diff_skycell.pl needs to call ppSub with -refsources now? ippScripts defect price new 03/10/09
#1196 pantasks_client command to show server commands (server help) PanTasks defect eugene new 03/11/09
#1199 chiptool -updaterun need 'pretend' option ippTools defect eugene assigned 03/12/09
#1213 chiptool -definebyquery -dateobs_begin fails to get HH:MM:SS ippTools defect eugene new 03/31/09
#1268 CAL_PSF_MAG_SIG all same value; should be equal to PSF_INST_MAG_SIG values psphot defect magnier new 06/23/09
#1285 addstar sometimes generates SkyTable.fits for wrong table depth DVO defect eugene new 07/28/09
#1286 DVO measure needs dMcal and dMaper DVO defect eugene new 08/02/09
#1287 zero points in psastro and addstar DVO defect eugene new 08/02/09
#1291 skycells needs to allow for overlapping edges. Ohana defect eugene assigned 08/07/09
#1297 x_psf_sig and y_psf_sig psphot defect eugene new 08/13/09
#1298 suspect bad memory hardware defect cindy assigned 08/18/09
#1299 Verify that MCE is enabled in the BIOS of all wave #2 nodes hardware defect cindy assigned 08/18/09
#1300 configure the firewall services module in IPP core hardware defect cindy assigned 08/18/09
#1301 figure out why alala can't rebuild it's raid set hardware defect cindy assigned 08/18/09
#1302 test bonding on master.ipp hardware defect cindy assigned 08/18/09
#1304 ipp000 has a dead CPU socket hardware defect cindy assigned 08/18/09
#1306 2nd PDU in cab3 needs to be installed hardware defect cindy assigned 08/18/09
#1313 linear artifacts in image stacks ppStack defect price assigned 08/20/09
#1321 Dynamic shared library libcfitsio not referred to most portably in Mac OS X psconfig defect eugene assigned 08/30/09
#1325 DVO nmeas vs ncode vs nused DVO defect eugene new 09/01/09
#1326 replace restricted links to project pages if possible docs defect eugene new 09/08/09
#1329 DVO SkyTable corruption for mis-matched groups DVO defect eugene new 09/21/09
#1336 ppSim does not generate a valid .cmf file for addstar DVO defect eugene new 11/02/09
#1340 neb-rm -f is not functional Nebulous defect watersc1 assigned 12/02/09
#1342 psMatrix.c ignores gsl return errors PSLib defect eugene new 12/06/09
#1344 Optionally link recipe values to dates and/or camera formats ippconfig defect price new 01/08/10
#1345 psastro fails to find zeropoint in simtest psastro defect eugene new 01/11/10
#1346 stacktool bugs ippTools defect watersc1 assigned 01/14/10
#1348 IPP034 bad raid card hardware defect cindy assigned 01/25/10
#1350 pantasks number of label limit PanTasks defect eugene new 02/02/10
#1357 diffraction spike width psastro defect watersc1 new 02/18/10
#1359 CAL_PSF_MAG wrong, CAL_PSF_MAG_SIG undefined in SSdiff cmf files psphot defect eugene new 03/03/10
#1360 CAL_PSF_MAG_SIG 0 in recent stack file ppStack defect price new 03/03/10
#1362 some null fields on the DVO image table DVO defect eugene new 03/17/10
#1368 Exposures waiting on fixed reference catalogue DVO defect eugene new 04/14/10
#1380 ppSim does not apply recipe values from camera config ppSim defect eugene new 05/12/10
#1384 outstanding pantasks startup issues misc defect eugene new 05/17/10
#1389 neb-df Nebulous defect watersc1 new 06/01/10
#1392 pstamp jobs need to deal with missing mask files pstamp defect bills new 06/05/10
#1393 burntool needs better failure recovery misc defect watersc1 assigned 06/05/10
#1395 CAL_PSF_MAG_SIG 0 in recent stack and stack-stack diff cmf files psphot defect eugene new 06/08/10
#1396 postage stamp dependents get stuck if chip destreaking fails pstamp defect bills new 06/14/10
#1397 postage stamp lookup bycoord chip may be using too small a radius pstamp defect bills new 06/15/10
#1398 nebulous "slow query" timeout is too short Nebulous defect watersc1 new 06/16/10
#1399 replication fails if neb-admin pid remains ippTasks defect watersc1 new 06/18/10
#1400 neb-migrate is painfully slow Nebulous defect watersc1 new 06/29/10
#1402 Continued type/integer size inconsistencies psModules defect eugene new 07/02/10
#1406 detectability returns wrong error for undestreaked data ppstamp defect watersc1 new 07/09/10
#1407 MD04 refstack/altstack skycells don't have pixel data in the overlap regions misc defect eugene new 07/12/10
#1408 diff updates fail for older diffRuns ppSub defect eugene new 07/14/10
#1409 imextract returns nonsensical results for several fields DVO defect eugene new 07/19/10
#1414 postage stamp server does not handle dynamic masks properly pstamp defect bills new 08/10/10
#1415 protect dvo_catalog_save against HUP signal DVO defect eugene new 08/10/10
#1416 Columns from dvo imextract/mextract not set misc defect eugene new 08/16/10
#1417 -set_state goto_cleaned should only be allowed for runs in states 'full' or 'update' ippTools defect eugene new 08/17/10
#1418 cleanup should be delayed until after components have completed destreaking ippScripts defect eugene new 08/17/10
#1420 detectability row drops pstamp defect watersc1 new 08/30/10
#1424 Example DQtest.txt with detect_query_create doesn't work misc defect eugene new 09/07/10
#1425 difftool -listrun does not list stack stack diffs ippTools defect eugene new 09/09/10
#1427 ppStack fails if No fake sources are suitable for PSF fitting ppStack defect eugene assigned 09/17/10
#1429 perl mdc parser will not accept hexadecimal value for inteter ippScripts defect eugene new 10/15/10
#1431 cell saturation concept averaging needs a better sanity check psModules defect eugene new 10/29/10
#1434 invaild magicRun queued ippScripts defect eugene new 11/01/10
#1435 ppMerge memory footprint larger than expected ppMerge defect eugene new 11/04/10
#1436 Ohana Shutdown segfaults Ohana defect eugene new 11/10/10
#1437 publish run in fault-revert-fault endless loop ippScripts defect eugene new 11/22/10
#1440 stack runs fail 'Unable to calculate transparency differences' ppStack defect eugene new 11/26/10
#1441 science processing should warn or hinder processing of lossy-compressed data ippTools defect eugene new 11/28/10
#1442 detrend processing should not use lossy-compressed data unless explicitly chosen ippTools defect eugene new 11/28/10
#1443 publication should store files in nebulous not in datastore/dsroot misc defect eugene new 11/29/10
#1444 PS::IPP::Config.pm gives an error for non-neb files (line 1109) ippScripts defect eugene new 12/28/10
#1445 Assertion failure: "fix this code: z1 should not be nan for 0.016674" from ppStack psphot defect bills assigned 01/11/11
#1446 destreak revert fails for camera runs magic defect bills new 01/12/11
#1447 PSDESTRK keyword is not set for warp images generated from destreaked chips magic defect bills new 01/13/11
#1448 assertion failure from ppSub ppSub defect eugene new 01/19/11
#1449 magictool -definebyquery options are inconsistent with other tools ippTools defect bills new 01/20/11
#1450 psFitsRead / psFitsDumpErrors inconsistency PSLib defect eugene new 01/22/11
#1451 ppStack finds very large "Target seeing" ppStack defect bills new 01/27/11
#1453 postage stamp parser does not detect DB connection problems pstamp defect bills assigned 02/02/11
#1454 distribution only works for GPC1 camera misc defect bills new 02/03/11
#1455 magictool -reverttree only uses last label ippTools defect bills new 02/05/11
#1458 stack summary failures ippTools defect watersc1@… new 02/22/11
#1459 psphot unhappy with chip_id 196207 XY47 psphot defect eugene new 02/23/11
#1460 funpack doesn't unpack fpacked data misc defect watersc1 new 02/23/11
#1461 FPA.EXPOSURE is derived from EXPREQ, not EXPTIME ippconfig defect eugene new 03/03/11
#1462 summit copy issues / pzgetimfiles should fault on error ippTools defect eugene new 03/06/11
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