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eugene (4 matches)

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#1090 psphot should use weight map in calculating background psphot defect 05/01/08

psphot currently appears to not use the weight map in calculating the background. I was using it on some warped images (warped using SWarp as part of the standard ESSENCE reduction pipeline) where the edges were unfilled and thus represented in the variance map as 1e30. But the background map appears to have fit including those areas. Is this the correct behavior? Did I misinterpret how the background is being fit?

#1233 detselect logic is wrong in some cases ippTools None defect 04/29/09

detselect generates SQL that does not really make sense for the following cases:

* no time constraint is provided : in this case, it is clear that all detRuns should potentially match. in fact, the sql generates where conditions of the form (time_begin IS NULL OR time_begin IS NULL). it should just drop the time_begin and time_end conditions

* exptime supplied, but detRun exp_time_max or min are NULL : if one of these values is null, that should represent no constraint. however, detselect generates sql forcing a range check (exp_time_min < ...). this sql should include conditions of the form 'OR exp_time_min IS NULL'

#1463 RA and Dec empty in psphotForced (PS1_DV2) psphot defect 03/09/11

The RA and Dec columns are empty in psphotForced-generated PS1_DV2 files. I've run psphot on an image and RA and Dec are populated in the PS1_V3 file, but they are not populated in the psphotForced PS1_DV2 file.

This has been reported by Ken Smith over email.

Specifically I'm running in Gene's branch

psphot version: branches/eam_branches/ipp-20101205/psphot@30492 psphot source: 60eb6cdc-a59c-4636-a4e0-dba66a9721fd

but Ken's report would have been from the production branch.

#1192 Why is psphot dependent on libmysql? psphot None enhancement 03/04/09

I just had a case where there was a problem with the mysql installation on one of the nodes on a cluster and psphot refused to run. Conceptually this seems wrong. psphot shouldn't know anything about libmysql. Why is it required?

I specifically ask because libmsysql is one of the things people have the most trouble compiling and if we'd like the tools in IPP to be as widely used as possible it would be nice to strip mysql and other related functionality that make sense in the standard IPP installation but not just for someone who wants to do photometry.

heather (1 match)

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#1294 extsrc/gpcsw requires ginstall misc defect 08/11/09

The new gpcsw package requires ginstall. Is it using anything in particular that's only in ginstall or is standard install fine?

price (2 matches)

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#1218 Debugging ppSub: option to save stamp position used to determine the kernel ppSub None enhancement 04/06/09

One of the key elements of difference imaging is the choice of stamps used to determine the kernel. For debugging and testing, it is important to know:

#1 which stamps were rejected #2 which stamps were used #3 all possible stamps (used, rejected, and unused)

This information (in particular the x,y position, but also other info liek the reason why a stamp was rejected) could be saved in files, either straight ASCII tables or alternatively ds9 region files.

#1243 Problem with 'sed' again in parsing SVN version info psconfig defect 05/09/09

/usr/bin/sed -e "s|@PSLIB_VERSION@|\"/usr/bin/svnversion ../..\"|" -e "s|@PSLIB_BRANCH@|\"/usr/bin/svn info ../.. | /usr/bin/sed -n -e '/URL:/ h' -e '/Repository Root:/ { x; H; x; s|Repository Root: \(.*\)\nURL: \1\(.*\)|\2| ; s|^/|| ; s|/[a-zA-Z]*/src.*|| ; p }'\"|" -e "s|@PSLIB_SOURCE@|\"/usr/bin/svn info | /usr/bin/sed -n -e 's/Repository UUID: // p'\"|" psVersionDefinitions.h.in > psVersionDefinitions.h

sed: 1: "/Repository Root:/ { x; ...": extra characters at the end of p command svn: Write error: Broken pipe

on Mac OS X 10.5.6, Intel

watersc1 (1 match)

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#1375 nebulous replication left an empty file behind Nebulous defect 05/07/10

When updating a chip imfile today I ran into a case where it failed because the burntool table had zero size.

This is strange since the file existed at one time since the chip processing had completed successfully once.

Investigating further we found that there were two instances. One of which had zero size.

This seems to indicate that the replication process failed and left a file behind.

For reference the file was


I have fixed the zero sized file by copying the good one on top of it.

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