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12/17/2018: Yesterday

10:45 Changeset [40586] by eugene
10:43 Changeset [40585] by eugene
add pics
10:41 Changeset [40584] by eugene


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11:09 Changeset [40583] by eugene
add elements to get skycellID from tess table for some tessellations


20:16 Changeset [40582] by mhuber
update ppMOPS to WS cuts used in PS2


17:05 Changeset [40581] by eugene
fix end-post error in unique region list; test for coordinates in region …
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13:30 Changeset [40580] by eugene
replace glint figure with correct one; updates to bibtex library
12:36 Changeset [40579] by eugene
add user-guide text related to pantasks
12:33 Changeset [40578] by eugene
cleanup text, add skypartition figure, repair system overview paper


17:44 Changeset [40577] by eugene
adding Price ppSub paper
16:57 Changeset [40576] by eugene
copy host list to sorted unique subset
14:13 Changeset [40575] by eugene
fix avselect function to cross dvo catalog boundaries
11:39 Changeset [40574] by eugene
add option to accept motions from incoming dvo database; respect -region …
10:17 Changeset [40573] by eugene
Copy of the trunk revision currently being used by the ippps2 user
09:56 Changeset [40572] by eugene
remove test print
09:54 Changeset [40571] by eugene
avextract mag:flags returns measure flags if mag is not a primary photcode
09:53 Changeset [40570] by eugene
add option for reduced opacity (only words for png for now)
06:16 Changeset [40569] by eugene
add info from P. Onaka re: camera tuning in 2009/12/1
06:16 Changeset [40568] by eugene
add updated figures
06:15 Changeset [40567] by eugene
final mods to figures and captions; nearly ready for submission
06:14 Changeset [40566] by eugene
cleanup text on warps
06:13 Changeset [40565] by eugene
journal macros for bibtext should just give the abbreviation
06:12 Changeset [40564] by eugene
add option to do a quick remake (one latex pass only)


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06:23 Changeset [40563] by eugene
updates to the tessellation descriptions
05:47 Changeset [40562] by eugene
added updated images; text mods from Dave Soderblom


13:29 Changeset [40561] by eugene
update dvosplit to handle all catalog tables


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16:26 Changeset [40560] by eugene
text updates


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10:38 Changeset [40559] by eugene
updates based on a full re-read
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