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05/21/18: Today

17:57 Changeset [40441] by watersc1
Update on CTE issue
17:46 Changeset [40440] by mhuber
update warps to not be cleaned now RETENTION_TIME -1
17:42 New_Nebulous_Code edited by watersc1
17:41 New_Nebulous_Code created by watersc1
17:41 PS1_IPP_Czarlog_20180521 edited by mhuber@…
16:57 IPP_for_PS1 edited by watersc1
15:50 IPP_for_PS2 edited by watersc1
10:02 PS1_IPP_Czarlog_20180521 edited by eugene
08:45 PS1_IPP_Czarlog_20180521 created by eugene

05/20/18: Yesterday

15:32 PS1_IPP_Czarlog_20180514 edited by mhuber@…
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18:49 Changeset [40439] by watersc1
Updated detrend paper, with additional reference in lib.bib.
09:00 PS1_IPP_Czarlog_20180514 edited by eugene


16:57 PS1_IPP_Czarlog_20180514 edited by mhuber@…
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14:40 Changeset [40438] by eugene
fix range on ecliptic and galactic curves
14:40 Changeset [40437] by eugene
define additional debugging output


15:39 Changeset [40436] by eugene
add skycalc to makefile
11:13 Changeset [40435] by eugene
add some explanations, specify non-ops build
11:12 Changeset [40434] by eugene
get NEB_SERVER from site.php (config.dat); remove PSCONFIG, PSCONFDIR (not …
11:11 Changeset [40433] by eugene
test for ipp_filename failure modes and report a meaningful error; remove …
11:10 Changeset [40432] by eugene
add some comments on the elements in this file; remove PSCONFDIR and …
11:04 Changeset [40431] by eugene
if NEB_SERVER is missing from the environment, report an error and exit
11:03 Changeset [40430] by eugene
init variables xBin, yBin
09:59 Changeset [40429] by eugene
clean up manually-added labels
09:58 Changeset [40428] by eugene
add column of exposures which have been dropped or manually excluded
09:46 Changeset [40427] by eugene
add column of exposures which have been dropped or manually excluded
09:43 Changeset [40426] by eugene
some debugging of ipp_filename.pl
09:43 Changeset [40425] by eugene
add entry for old czartool
08:56 Changeset [40424] by eugene
change rule for JobID: continuously increment (abort at 231); use IDtype


18:20 Changeset [40423] by watersc1
Incomplete set of edits, but I wanted it checked in.
11:22 PS1_IPP_Czarlog_20180514 created by eugene
11:16 PS1_IPP_CzarLogs edited by eugene
09:04 IPP_for_PS2 edited by eugene


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15:09 IPP_for_PS2 edited by watersc1


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15:09 PS1_IPP_Czarlog_20180507 created by eugene
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18:50 Changeset [40422] by mhuber
merge allow update for old pstamp web request.php to access multiple …
18:37 Changeset [40421] by mhuber
allow update for old pstamp web request.php to access multiple images in …
18:33 PS1_IPP_Czarlog_20180430 edited by mhuber@…


12:09 Changeset [40420] by eugene
fix typo on dbExtractImages dYsys
12:09 Changeset [40419] by eugene
add colors and justification for text items in kapa


11:59 PS1_IPP_Czarlog_20180430 edited by mhuber@…
09:51 Changeset [40418] by eugene
fix threshold to be consistent with masking rule: keep a point only if …


18:49 PS1_IPP_Czarlog_20180430 edited by mhuber@…
17:26 Changeset [40417] by watersc1
Update to smooth updates. 1) ipp_cleanup.pl no longer sets states to …
14:39 Changeset [40416] by watersc1
Have ipp_cleanup.pl not set error_cleaned on runs, as that blocks updates. …
13:03 MOPS.dailytestset edited by mhuber@…
12:40 PS1_IPP_Czarlog_20180430 edited by mhuber@…
12:30 Changeset [40415] by eugene
add -imstats-only option (just calculate stats, do not fit); re-work stack …
11:25 MOPS.dailytestset edited by mhuber@…
10:49 MOPS.dailytestset edited by mhuber@…
09:24 PS1_IPP_Czarlog_20180430 edited by mhuber@…
08:48 MOPS.dailytestset edited by mhuber@…
08:40 MOPS.dailytestset edited by mhuber@…
08:24 MOPS.dailytestset edited by mhuber@…


22:56 PS1_IPP_Czarlog_20180430 edited by mhuber@…
22:14 PS1_IPP_Czarlog_20180430 edited by mhuber@…
16:28 Changeset [40414] by eugene
update objects after stack fit
15:07 Changeset [40413] by watersc1
Fix typo in filter list.
13:47 PS1_IPP_Czarlog_20180430 edited by mhuber@…
12:30 PS1_IPP_Czarlog_20180430 edited by mhuber@…
11:54 PS1_IPP_Czarlog_20180430 edited by mhuber@…


16:35 PS1_IPP_Czarlog_20180430 edited by watersc1
15:39 PS1_IPP_Czarlog_20180430 edited by watersc1
15:20 PS1_IPP_Czarlog_20180430 edited by watersc1
15:10 Changeset [40412] by watersc1
Switch FPA.FILTER concept to use FILTERID and get the full filter name, …
14:00 PS1_IPP_Czarlog_20180430 created by eugene


09:57 Changeset [40411] by eugene
fix bug on time variable


16:02 PS1_IPP_Czarlog_20180423 created by eugene
12:40 Changeset [40410] by eugene
add periodogram handler functions
12:37 Changeset [40409] by eugene
add some comments
12:37 Changeset [40408] by eugene
clean up memory leaks for avperiodogram and related; finish avperiodomatch
12:35 Changeset [40407] by eugene
set a default status for host operations


10:29 Changeset [40406] by eugene
fix segfault due to missing mask vector


15:00 Changeset [40405] by eugene
rename fitpm to avoid case-collisions (for Mac O/S)


16:57 Changeset [40404] by watersc1
Uncommitting detrend_norm_calc.pl, as it has the GPC2 specific edit.
16:52 Changeset [40403] by watersc1
Fixed end-of-night date calculation. Should now trigger automatically at …
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