and .


17:46 Changeset [28045] by watersc1
First pass on exposure level jpegs for warp/stack/diff
17:36 Changeset [28044] by watersc1
Making new branch for jpeg revisions.
17:13 Changeset [28043] by watersc1
Merging czw_branch (maskstats and software versions) back into the trunk
17:10 Changeset [28042] by watersc1
final commit on this branch, I think
16:21 Changeset [28041] by price
Fix type.
16:06 Changeset [28040] by price
filter is not a part of diff.
16:02 Changeset [28039] by price
Add selection by filter.
15:57 stampsICD.pdf attached to PostageStampServer by bills
15:43 detectability_ICD_proposal edited by watersc1
15:41 Changeset [28038] by watersc1
moved detect_query_create to scripts so it can be installed
15:34 detectability_ICD_proposal created by watersc1
15:18 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
15:18 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
15:17 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
15:07 Changeset [28037] by heather
adding and fixing
15:05 Changeset [28036] by heather
i am teh awesome, I forget tables.
15:05 Changeset [28035] by heather
this works with addstar_run.pl, which supports minidvodb
15:04 Changeset [28034] by heather
first commit of some rather bad versions of some scripts. addstar_run.pl …
14:51 PostageStampServer edited by watersc1
14:25 sample_dquery_request edited by watersc1
14:24 Changeset [28033] by eugene
deleted all mergeinfo from branch
14:23 Changeset [28032] by eugene
deleted all mergeinfo from branch
14:11 Changeset [28031] by eugene
updates from trunk
14:09 Changeset [28030] by eugene
updates from trunk
14:08 Changeset [28029] by eugene
updates from trunk
14:04 Changeset [28028] by eugene
updates from trunk
13:46 Changeset [28027] by price
* ANGLE, ANGLE_ERR, LENGTH, LENGTH_ERR have been removed completely. We …
13:20 sample_dquery_request created by watersc1
12:28 Changeset [28026] by rhenders
Now pulling extinction value (airmass) from dvo.photcodes
12:28 Changeset [28025] by rhenders
surveyID now in SkinnyObject? after PSPS schema change
12:27 Changeset [28024] by rhenders
Changes to reflect surveyID added to SkinnyObject? table in PSPS schema
12:26 Changeset [28023] by rhenders
Added temporary logfile to track JobID/expID pairings
11:44 PostageStampServer edited by watersc1
11:32 Changeset [28022] by bills
Don't set run to update unless it has never been magicked or if the …
11:32 Changeset [28021] by bills
move code to queue update runs into a subroutine so that it can be shared …
10:59 ipp-dev-2010-05-18 created by gavin
10:58 Development_Cluster_Logs edited by gavin
10:51 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
10:51 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
10:15 ipp030_log edited by gavin
10:12 ipp010_log edited by gavin
09:57 Changeset [28020] by price
Turn on PS1_DV1 format for diffs.
09:25 ipp030_log edited by gavin
09:24 ipp010_log edited by gavin
09:08 Changeset [28019] by rhenders
not chomping dist label was causing strcmp to return false


19:01 Changeset [28018] by watersc1
Simtest tested version of the code. Everything has been checked to work …
18:56 IPP-MOPS ICD lite edited by price
Fix formatting. (diff)
18:55 IPP-MOPS ICD lite edited by price
Adding new fields. (diff)
17:06 Changeset [28017] by watersc1
Almost working version of the mask-stats/software revision code. Almost.
16:59 Ticket #1387 (simtest does not apply camera static masks) closed by price
invalid: REFSTAR_MASK should be FALSE for simtest --- it's FALSE in the default …
16:53 Ticket #1387 (simtest does not apply camera static masks) created by watersc1
The mask is not created, so simtest cannot complete the camera stage with …
16:46 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
16:26 Changeset [28016] by price
Add uncompressed options for PPIMAGE, PSWARP.
16:19 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
16:16 Changeset [28015] by bills
Better reporting of errors to client
16:15 Changeset [28014] by bills
Add recipe value BURNTOOL.STATE.GOOD.UPDATE which is the minimum value for …
16:11 Changeset [28013] by eugene
merge changes from branches/eam_branches/psphot,psModules.20100506 (finish …
16:08 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
16:08 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
15:49 Changeset [28012] by eugene
updates from trunk
15:49 Changeset [28011] by eugene
updates from trunk
15:34 Changeset [28010] by price
Only transfer covariance if there's variance to which to transfer it!
15:31 Changeset [28009] by eugene
remove conflicting globals
15:28 Changeset [28008] by price
Remove bias sections to avoid warnings.
15:26 IPP_Current_Tasks edited by watersc1
15:03 Changeset [28007] by price
Don't mosaic video cells.
14:59 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
14:51 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
14:48 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
14:44 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
14:34 Changeset [28006] by eugene
merging changes from PAP branch with modifications to the covariance …
14:19 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
14:17 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
14:16 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
13:37 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
13:30 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
13:25 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
13:23 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
13:19 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
13:17 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
13:16 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
13:16 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
13:15 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
13:15 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
13:10 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
13:09 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
13:09 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
12:58 Changeset [28005] by eugene
deleted all mergeinfo from branch
12:54 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
12:52 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
12:49 Changeset [28004] by eugene
merging changes from trunk into branches/pap
12:49 Changeset [28003] by eugene
merging changes from trunk into branches/pap
12:11 Changeset [28002] by eugene
adding w-filter stack recipe values
12:10 Changeset [28001] by eugene
adding -comment, -obs_mode, -pretend options to -definebyquery
11:48 Changeset [28000] by rhenders
Now sharing some perl scripts with ippMonitor version of czartool
11:44 Changeset [27999] by eugene
redirect stdin, stdout, stderr before starting threads
11:44 Changeset [27998] by eugene
print a message if .foorc file is successfully loaded
11:41 Changeset [27997] by eugene
do not print a message if the .foorc file is missing
11:41 Changeset [27996] by eugene
init astro library
11:40 Changeset [27995] by eugene
keep output of *.c.in for debug purposes
11:19 ipp020_log edited by gavin
11:11 Ticket #1386 (wrong error code returned for some ptsamp request specs) closed by bills
11:10 Changeset [27994] by bills
Set correct error code when selectComponents finds no overlap with the …
11:08 Changeset [27993] by bills
remove redundant error message
11:02 Changeset [27992] by price
Missed an occurence of FPA.OBS
10:39 Changeset [27991] by bills
remove obsolete optimization
10:27 Ticket #1386 (wrong error code returned for some ptsamp request specs) created by bills
There are cases where request specifications do not get the correct error …
10:07 ipp020_log edited by gavin
10:06 2010-05-17 edited by gavin
09:45 Ticket #1385 (wrong mask file may be used for chip stage stamps) created by bills
The postage stamp parser has a number of optimizations that attempt to …


19:10 Changeset [27990] by bills
fix stupid bug managing lastCamRun
17:49 Changeset [27989] by price
Removing the 'FPA.OBS' concept (once called 'FPA.NAME'). The original …
17:32 Changeset [27988] by price
Zeroing rfds to avoid "using variable uninitialised" warning.
17:17 Changeset [27987] by price
Run ppCoord on streaks and clusters files to get detector coordinates.
17:14 Changeset [27986] by price
ppCoord now uses its own input file rules, rather than borrowing from …
17:00 IPP_Progress_Report_20100510 edited by eugene
16:56 Stackphot_20100514 edited by eugene
16:56 Stackphot_20100514 edited by eugene
16:55 Stackphot_20100514 edited by eugene
16:54 Stackphot_20100514 created by eugene
16:53 IPP_for_PS1 edited by eugene
16:26 Changeset [27985] by price
Didn't mean to commit that change, so backing it out.
16:21 Changeset [27984] by price
Fixing WHERE.
16:15 Changeset [27983] by price
15:53 Changeset [27982] by price
Adding magictool -exposure to get camProcessedExp.path_base from magic_id.
12:34 Changeset [27981] by price
Fix logical error/typo.
12:34 Ticket #1384 (outstanding pantasks startup issues) created by eugene
some outstanding startup issues which should be addressed * …
12:25 Changeset [27980] by rhenders
Updating 'last jobID' at a more sensible time
12:24 Changeset [27979] by price
Clusters are inputs too.
12:20 Changeset [27978] by price
Adding support for Magic clusters list: file stars with un-commented 'RA …
12:17 Changeset [27977] by rhenders
Updated from ippconfic/dvo.photcodes to include new zerowq points and …
12:06 Changeset [27976] by rhenders
Fixed error in usage instructions
11:54 ipp007_log edited by gavin
11:54 ipp006_log edited by gavin
11:53 ipp020_log edited by gavin
11:27 IPP_Progress_Report_20100510 edited by heather
11:26 IPP_Progress_Report_20100510 edited by heather
11:14 Ticket #1383 (science cleanup needs to relocate log files) created by bills
Currently chip.cleanup.run sets stderr and stdout to …
11:08 IPP_Progress_Report_20100510 edited by price
Adding progress report. (diff)
11:06 IPP_Current_Tasks edited by price
Updating list. (diff)
10:48 IPP_Current_Tasks edited by watersc1
09:49 2010-05-17 created by gavin
09:47 Production_Cluster edited by gavin
09:46 ipp020_log edited by gavin
09:45 ipp007_log edited by gavin
09:45 ipp006_log edited by gavin
08:53 2010-05-10 edited by gavin


21:39 IPP_Progress_Report_20100510 edited by rhenders
21:38 IPP_Progress_Report_20100510 edited by rhenders
14:30 Changeset [27975] by eugene
adding chiptool_export_run.sql to makefile
14:27 Changeset [27974] by eugene
adding chiptool_export_run.pl to makefile
14:26 Changeset [27973] by eugene
changing the name to ipp-20100516 from ipp.20100516 to be consistent with …
14:14 Changeset [27972] by eugene
snapshot of trunk : this is the current operational IPP
14:10 Changeset [27971] by eugene
need to put the tags documentation in a subdir (or else we have to check …
14:08 Changeset [27970] by eugene
create a directory to hold files describing the different tags
13:04 Changeset [27969] by eugene
avoid unattached non-static format statements
13:02 Changeset [27968] by eugene
adding STACKPHOT reduction class
13:00 Changeset [27967] by eugene
updating ppSim to handle cameras with multiple chips (or class_id …
12:59 Changeset [27966] by eugene
adding simtest config for SIMMOSAIC camera
12:18 Changeset [27965] by eugene
add notes re freopen
12:18 Changeset [27964] by eugene
create staticsky.pl
12:17 Changeset [27963] by eugene
minor re-orgs of staticsky (including ss_id to sky_id)


11:50 Ticket #1331 (regtool -updateprocessedimfile needs ability to set 'ignored') closed by eugene
fixed: the 'ignored' concept is ill-conceived: it is likely that the desire to …
11:46 Ticket #1111 (chiptool -pretend does not give enough information) closed by eugene
fixed: this has been working for quite some time now


19:03 2010-05-10 edited by gavin
17:31 IPP_Progress_Report_20100510 edited by watersc1
16:56 ipp007_log edited by gavin
16:46 Changeset [27962] by eugene
change id name
16:38 Changeset [27961] by eugene
fix psphotStack filerules
16:34 Changeset [27960] by eugene
recipe mods for stackphot
15:41 Changeset [27959] by bills
set magicDSRun.label = goto_cleaned
15:30 Changeset [27958] by eugene
updating photcodes to use the current measured zero points
14:13 IPP_Progress_Report_20100510 edited by bills
14:11 IPP_Progress_Report_20100510 edited by bills
13:59 IPP_Progress_Report_20100510 created by bills
13:58 IPP_Progress_Reports edited by bills
13:11 Changeset [27957] by bills
don't create temporary directory for on the fly skycells unless it is …


18:44 Changeset [27956] by heather
changes for May 13th (finishing up ippTOols)
18:31 Changeset [27955] by eugene
update astrometry
15:13 Ticket #1382 (chipRun.magicked and diffRun.magicked not always set to -1 when runs are ...) created by bills
Something is not quite right with the database operations that go on …
14:58 Ticket #1381 (dvoImagesAtCoords can find coordinates in 2 chips) created by bills
dvoImagesAtCoords takes an smf file and a list of ra and dec values and …
14:31 Changeset [27954] by bills
skip importation of dbinfo into the database until we stop making schema …
14:00 Changeset [27953] by bills
For chip stage postage stamps use the camera stage mask files.
11:45 Changeset [27952] by eugene
forgot to sort the pixel fluxes by radius
11:42 2010-05-10 edited by gavin
11:41 2010-05-10 edited by gavin
11:03 Changeset [27951] by eugene
install YAML (needed by Apache2-SOAP)
11:01 Changeset [27950] by eugene
set up a consistent position; perform extended analysis on all sources for …
11:00 Changeset [27949] by eugene
additional recipe options for stack photometry
11:00 Changeset [27948] by eugene
add pmPhotObj->SN, sort by SN
10:58 Changeset [27947] by bills
Always pass the mask file to ppstamp. It is needed to set masked pixels to …
10:56 Changeset [27946] by bills
pass the magicked state of the run to destreak and revert. At the chip …
10:55 Changeset [27945] by bills
include stageRun.magicked for magicdstool -todestreak and -torevert. (It …
10:43 ipp053_log edited by gavin
09:49 Changeset [27944] by rhenders
Two new astrometry fields.
09:47 Changeset [27943] by rhenders
Two new astrometry fields.
09:09 Changeset [27942] by rhenders
certain floats are now doubles due to crazy MSSQL calling doubles FLOATs.


15:56 Changeset [27941] by bills
update commented out fprintf with new variable names
15:55 Changeset [27940] by bills
update type in debug print statement
15:54 Changeset [27939] by eugene
re-org so we can do radial apertures and extended sources by object, not …
15:45 Changeset [27938] by watersc1
I introduced a bug that killed burntool processing. This should resolve …
15:41 Changeset [27937] by heather
initial changes for addmerge
15:36 Changeset [27936] by heather
changes to addtool (initial ones, to save them for now).
15:06 Changeset [27935] by heather
making a branch for addstar work
15:06 Changeset [27934] by heather
making a branch directory for heather
14:04 Processing edited by rhenders
13:59 Processing edited by rhenders
12:56 Changeset [27933] by price
Implementing better Jacobian correction. Previously, was calculating …
12:04 Changeset [27932] by eugene
add radial aperture errors
12:04 Changeset [27931] by eugene
add radial aperture errors
11:46 Changeset [27930] by watersc1
Set sweetspot data to not be cleaned automatically (for now).
11:36 NightlyScienceCode edited by watersc1
10:59 Changeset [27929] by bills
When updating use the original path_base
10:58 Changeset [27928] by bills
Add Bill's checkexp script.
10:47 Changeset [27927] by rhenders
First commit of czartool page
10:23 Changeset [27926] by bills
When updating an image use the original path base for consistency with the …
10:14 Ticket #1380 (ppSim does not apply recipe values from camera config) created by bills
recently simtest has been having memory problems creating the simulated …
10:09 Changeset [27925] by bills
bump STARS.SIGMA.LIM from .1 to 1 to avoid excessive memory use by simtest
08:59 Processing edited by rhenders
08:58 Processing edited by rhenders
08:51 Processing edited by rhenders


17:39 Changeset [27924] by eugene
adding new structure and IO function to support simple circular radial …
17:28 Changeset [27923] by eugene
psModules mods for stackphot
16:10 Processing edited by rhenders
16:08 Processing edited by rhenders
16:07 Changeset [27922] by bills
only force $need_magic if $imagedb eq "gpc1"
16:07 Changeset [27921] by bills
don't require magic for the diff part of Stack stack diffs. It is required …
16:05 Changeset [27920] by bills
when doing diff updates, use existing path_base
15:27 Changeset [27919] by eugene
psphotStack now runs with convolved images and stack photometry
15:12 Ipp016-crash-2010-05-11T14:06 created by gavin
15:12 ipp016_log edited by gavin
15:11 ipp016_log edited by gavin
15:09 ipp016_log edited by gavin
15:08 Ipp016-crash-2010-05-10T14:06 created by gavin
15:08 ipp016_log edited by gavin
14:12 Changeset [27918] by bills
if it isn't tested it doesn't work
12:16 Changeset [27917] by bills
start of a note describing how to install the data store
12:12 Changeset [27916] by bills
In locate_images if $component = 'all' return all components for a run. …
12:10 Changeset [27915] by bills
Add camRun.state to output of camtool -processedexp
12:09 Changeset [27914] by bills
Fix error queuing update runs for get image jobs. Pass component = 'all' …
11:25 Processing edited by rhenders
11:25 Processing edited by rhenders
11:24 Processing edited by rhenders
11:05 ipp010_log edited by gavin
10:40 Ticket #1379 (nebulous not expiring bad hosts) created by watersc1
2010-05-10 21:08:33 | ippdb00 | ERROR | main::poll_mounts - can't find …
10:34 Ticket #1378 (Type confusion and strict aliasing in gtfringetable) created by wmwood-vasey@…
Paul says """ off_t is probably defined as "long int" instead of "long …
10:02 Ticket #1377 (pscheckperl doesn't install Params::Validate, ...) created by wmwood-vasey@…
pscheckperl doesn't install Params::Validate, …
09:55 IPP_Progress_Report_20100503 edited by eugene
09:33 ipp-dev-2010-05-11 created by gavin
09:22 ipp010_log edited by gavin
09:21 2010-05-10 edited by gavin
08:44 Changeset [27913] by rhenders
Fixed typo in last commit
08:43 Changeset [27912] by rhenders
More meaningful numbers for faults; fixed bug when listing labels for …


21:19 ipp016_log edited by gavin
21:17 ipp016_log edited by gavin
18:32 2010-05-10 edited by gavin
18:32 ipp016_log edited by gavin
18:31 ipp016_log edited by gavin
18:14 Changeset [27911] by price
Only use the thread mechanisms if threading is activated; otherwise, the …
17:48 Changeset [27910] by price
Fix compilation errors.
17:24 Changeset [27909] by eugene
functions called by the psphotReadoutXXX functions now take a filerule so …
17:09 Changeset [27908] by price
Adding mutex on psImageConvolveSetThreads to attempt to fix sporadic …
16:54 Changeset [27907] by price
COUNT(expr) always returns the total number even if expr is false (because …
16:08 Changeset [27906] by price
No need for strict checking when there's an error.
16:06 IPP_Progress_Report_20100503 edited by watersc1
15:53 ipp016_log edited by bills
15:53 ipp016_log edited by bills
14:14 IPP_Current_Tasks edited by bills
14:07 IPP_Progress_Report_20100503 edited by bills
13:36 Changeset [27905] by bills
Add an option to run funpack on fits files
13:26 Changeset [27904] by price
Prevent problem when we can't open the stats file.
13:21 PS1_Operations edited by price
Updated list of machines (diff)
12:47 Changeset [27903] by price
Be more careful about locking. Despite protestations in the comments, …
12:29 Changeset [27902] by price
Initialising Nc to avoid compiler warning.
11:53 Ticket #1376 (SDSS Photcodes Poorly Labeled) created by morganson@…
In Photcodes.dat files, we have both x_SDSS and X_SDSS where x = ugriz and …
10:59 Changeset [27901] by bills
Don't fail if dvoImagesAtCoords returns more than one line it apparently …
10:54 Changeset [27900] by bills
use parse_md_fast to read request file.
10:53 Changeset [27899] by bills
args file is no more. Use gettimeofday() for timing. DateTime?->now->mjd …
10:52 IPP_Progress_Report_20100503 edited by heather
10:51 Changeset [27898] by bills
derive ppstamp arguments from the params file.
10:51 Changeset [27897] by bills
changed some comments
10:49 Changeset [27896] by bills
Get exposure parameters from the params file to avoid calling regtool …
10:46 Changeset [27895] by eugene
fix up options to run only in the day (still disabled)
10:45 Changeset [27894] by eugene
make object restrictions LIKE not ==
10:45 Changeset [27893] by eugene
make label, data_group, dist_group restrictions LIKE not ==
10:36 Changeset [27892] by eugene
updates from ipp user
10:23 Changeset [27891] by watersc1
regtool knows how to set the states, but it was just not in the script …
10:08 Changeset [27890] by price
Adding selection by data_group.
10:01 IPP_Current_Tasks edited by watersc1
10:01 Development_Cluster_Logs edited by gavin
10:00 2010-05-10 created by gavin
10:00 Production_Cluster edited by gavin
09:59 2010-05-03 edited by gavin
09:59 2010-05-03 edited by gavin
08:57 IPP_Progress_Report_20100503 edited by price
Fixing item. (diff)
08:56 IPP_Progress_Report_20100503 edited by price
Adding progress report. (diff)
08:30 IPP_Progress_Report_20100503 edited by rhenders
08:24 IPP_Progress_Report_20100503 edited by rhenders
08:21 IPP_Progress_Report_20100503 created by rhenders
08:20 IPP_Progress_Reports edited by rhenders


18:01 Changeset [27889] by eugene
adding recipe options for psphotStack
18:01 Changeset [27888] by eugene
psphotStack now correctly convolves the input images to match target PSF


13:57 Changeset [27887] by eugene
add filerules for psphotStack
13:57 Changeset [27886] by eugene
add psphotStack filerules; add filerules already defined in …
13:56 Changeset [27885] by eugene
added more recipe values for psphotStack
13:55 Changeset [27884] by eugene
working on psphotStack psf matching
10:16 Changeset [27883] by eugene
working on psphotStack psf matching


18:01 2010-05-03 edited by gavin
14:59 Ticket #1375 (nebulous replication left an empty file behind) created by bills
When updating a chip imfile today I ran into a case where it failed …
14:01 Changeset [27882] by rhenders
Changes after confusion with floating-point types. Many FLOAT values are …
13:58 2010-05-03 edited by gavin
13:57 2010-05-03 edited by gavin
13:38 Changeset [27881] by bills
Let pstampDependents start running before a request file has completed …
13:21 Changeset [27880] by bills
in chiptool modes -processedimfile and -listrun and warptool modes -warped …
13:04 Changeset [27879] by bills
in destreak.status list the book magicDSToCleanup
12:26 Changeset [27878] by rhenders
Some confusion over silly MSSQL floating-point types.
12:23 Changeset [27877] by rhenders
Added new astrometry fields (cdelt1, cdelt2).
07:54 2010-05-03 edited by gavin


20:02 Changeset [27876] by eugene
working on psphotStack
20:01 Changeset [27875] by eugene
psphot branch for psphotStack work
13:55 Changeset [27874] by bills
Various changes to the postage stamp server and associated tables. …
13:53 Changeset [27873] by bills
added ppViz to list of directories to build. It is required by the …
12:37 2MASS,_USNO-B,_SDSS_Merge edited by kpat.mpg
11:41 Changeset [27872] by rhenders
More meaningful names: products are now batches
11:40 Changeset [27871] by rhenders
More meaningful names: products are now batches
10:13 Changeset [27870] by price
Need to select by label!
09:43 Changeset [27869] by rhenders
More meaningful argument names
09:42 Changeset [27868] by rhenders
Now including valid photCode
09:35 Changeset [27867] by rhenders
Added legitimate photoCalID data
09:18 Changeset [27866] by rhenders
Improved argument handling


16:05 Processing edited by watersc1
16:04 Processing edited by watersc1
15:42 Changeset [27865] by watersc1
This needs more work to be cleaned up, but I've changed the script to read …
15:41 Changeset [27864] by rhenders
Removed redundant calls to close(LOGFILE)
14:32 Ticket #1374 (optimize postage stamp creation when multiple stamps requested from same ...) created by bills
The postage stamp server currently creates a job for each stamp to be …
14:09 Changeset [27863] by watersc1
change the reduction class for microtest suite to something that exists, …
14:08 Ticket #1373 (magic processing leaves hundreds of files lying around) created by bills
The the multiple stages of magic streak detect processing leaves hundreds …
14:05 Ticket #1372 (user requests import of UKIDSS catalogs to DVO) created by bills
Bertrand Goldman of MPIA has been requesting this
13:57 Ticket #1339 (build requires Attribute::Handlers and ExtUtils::CBuilder but they aren't ...) closed by bills
fixed: I believe it was Params::Validate that required these modules. …
13:45 Ticket #1371 (creation of postage stamp server results file is inefficent and incomplete) created by bills
When creating the results file for a postage stamp request the script …
13:36 Ticket #1194 (Request for linearized WCS in .ch.fits images to have CRPIX[12] in center ...) closed by bills
fixed: Fix integrated Wed May 5 13:36:06 HST 2010
13:35 Changeset [27862] by bills
fix for ticket #1194. When linearizing WCS transform, set the reference …
11:59 Changeset [27861] by rhenders
Simplified counts on diff stage
11:17 Ticket #1361 (Duplicate SSdif files still in ps1-md-cat from 02/1[45]) closed by bills
fixed: These data have since been cleaned up
09:44 ipp-dev-2010-05-04 created by gavin
09:28 2010-05-03 edited by gavin


18:07 Changeset [27860] by watersc1
Updates to automation code to trigger cleanups.
16:22 IPP_Current_Tasks edited by watersc1
16:10 Changeset [27859] by watersc1
Fix typos in pstamptool database queries. Add pstampDependent.outdir entry …
15:21 IPP_Progress_Report_20100426 edited by giebink
11:07 Changeset [27858] by bills
ORDER BY priority DESC, chip_id
10:51 Changeset [27857] by bills
save log of pstamp.dependent.run in a file in pstampDependent.outdir
10:50 Changeset [27856] by bills
Add table Label which through priority column may be used to order items …
10:48 PS1_DataRequestManagement edited by watersc1
10:48 Changeset [27855] by bills
add outdir to pstampDependent so we have a place to put log files
10:29 Ticket #1370 (pantasks_client can only connect to a server at start-up) created by rhenders
Currently, pantasks_client can only connect to a server at start-up, by …
10:02 Changeset [27854] by bills
hard wire need_magic because the update process requires it
10:02 Changeset [27853] by bills
handle various error conditions
10:00 Changeset [27852] by bills
Fix error in byid diff
09:02 Changeset [27851] by price
Fix query to add 2.5log(t) to zero point.
08:59 Changeset [27850] by eugene
working on the psf-matching for stack photometry analysis
08:58 Changeset [27849] by eugene
adjust API in doc to match code
04:18 IppRunningPantasksServerMode edited by dravg.uk.edinburgh
04:16 IPPatTheROE edited by dravg.uk.edinburgh
04:15 IppRunningPantasksServerMode edited by dravg.uk.edinburgh
04:11 IppRunningPantasksServerMode edited by dravg.uk.edinburgh
04:08 IppRunningPantasksServerMode edited by dravg.uk.edinburgh
04:05 IppRunningPantasksServerMode edited by dravg.uk.edinburgh
04:05 IppRunningPantasksServerMode edited by dravg.uk.edinburgh
04:04 IppRunningPantasksServerMode edited by dravg.uk.edinburgh
04:03 IppRunningPantasksServerMode edited by dravg.uk.edinburgh
04:03 IppRunningPantasksServerMode edited by dravg.uk.edinburgh
04:03 IppRunningPantasksServerMode edited by dravg.uk.edinburgh
03:22 IppRunningPantasksServerMode edited by dravg.uk.edinburgh
03:21 IppRunningPantasksServerMode edited by dravg.uk.edinburgh
03:15 IppUpgrade edited by dravg.uk.edinburgh
03:13 IppUpgrade edited by dravg.uk.edinburgh
03:13 IppUpgrade edited by dravg.uk.edinburgh
Added instruction to access mySQL server (diff)
03:08 IppRunningPantasksServerMode edited by dravg.uk.edinburgh
03:08 IppRunningPantasksServerMode created by dravg.uk.edinburgh
03:00 IPPatTheROE edited by dravg.uk.edinburgh
Added "Running Pantasks in Server Mode" (diff)


15:14 IPP_Progress_Report_20100426 edited by eugene
15:03 Changeset [27848] by eugene
working towards convolved stack photometry
14:59 IPP_Progress_Report_20100426 edited by watersc1
13:32 IPP_Progress_Report_20100426 edited by bills
12:04 Ticket #1369 (update ppSim nebulous changes to be recipe-based) created by eugene
the ppSimSequence mods created by Bill G. for nebulous support are too …
11:59 PS1_DataRequestManagement edited by watersc1
11:07 Changeset [27847] by rhenders
Improved usage instructions
10:58 Changeset [27846] by rhenders
Enums for the test batch
10:58 Changeset [27845] by rhenders
Changes to accomodate new test batch.
10:57 Changeset [27844] by rhenders
Can now work from a list or a single job ID
10:55 Changeset [27843] by rhenders
Added 'end' argument for deleting stuff in bulk more carefully
10:47 Changeset [27842] by eugene
merge in simmosaic format updates
10:44 Development_Cluster_Logs edited by gavin
10:44 2010-05-03 edited by gavin
10:43 ipp010_log edited by gavin
10:42 ipp009_log edited by gavin
10:39 IPP_Progress_Report_20100426 edited by heather
10:35 Changeset [27841] by bills
don't stop faulted requests
10:32 IPP_Progress_Report_20100426 edited by price
Adding progress report. (diff)
09:19 2010-04-26 edited by gavin
09:19 2010-05-03 edited by gavin
09:16 ipp010_log edited by gavin
09:14 ipp009_log edited by gavin
08:50 Changeset [27840] by eugene
updates from trunk
08:45 Changeset [27839] by eugene
updates from trunk
08:41 Changeset [27838] by eugene
updates from trunk
08:38 Changeset [27837] by eugene
updates from trunk
08:37 Changeset [27836] by eugene
updates from trunk
08:35 Changeset [27835] by eugene
updates from trunk
08:21 IPP_Progress_Report_20100426 edited by rhenders
08:21 IPP_Progress_Report_20100426 edited by rhenders
08:19 IPP_Current_Tasks edited by eugene
08:11 IPP_Progress_Report_20100426 created by rhenders
08:10 IPP_Progress_Reports edited by rhenders


16:42 Changeset [27834] by eugene
fix psStringAppend statement missing format
16:10 Changeset [27833] by eugene
remove duplicate cleanup functions for psphot
15:47 Ticket #1159 (New option for the "histogram" command) closed by eugene
fixed: the -index option has been added to address this.
14:52 Ticket #1261 (No "Component" entry for Trac-related tickets) closed by eugene
fixed: I've re-organized the trac components, and re-named 'software' to 'misc'. …
13:40 Ticket #776 (pmConfig fails to detect invalid files) closed by eugene
fixed: pmConfig was long-ago changed to check the return value, and the API for …
13:22 Ticket #796 (sanitize function prototypes use of "char *" vs. "psString") closed by eugene
fixed: Looks like this has been fixed at least for psLib.
13:20 Ticket #1118 (better memory free than psLibFinalize) closed by eugene
fixed: It looks like this has been done some time ago: psLibFinalize seems to now …
13:08 Ticket #1022 (caution with instrument passed to detrend) closed by eugene
fixed: On-going improvements / re-org work in the config system appears to have …
12:59 Ticket #1267 (pmShutterCorrection members not assigned if guess fails causing seg fault) closed by eugene
fixed: Looks like pmShutterCorrectionFullFit now checks for a NULL guess and …
12:59 Changeset [27832] by eugene
protect trace from NULL return value
11:39 Changeset [27831] by eugene
add notes
11:38 Changeset [27830] by eugene
delete reintegrated branch
11:38 Changeset [27829] by eugene
delete reintegrated branch
11:38 Changeset [27828] by eugene
delete reintegrated branch
11:37 Changeset [27827] by eugene
delete reintegrated branch
11:37 Changeset [27826] by eugene
delete reintegrated branch
11:37 Changeset [27825] by eugene
delete reintegrated branch
11:37 Changeset [27824] by eugene
delete reintegrated branch
11:37 Changeset [27823] by eugene
delete reintegrated branch
11:35 Changeset [27822] by eugene
11:34 Changeset [27821] by eugene
better parameters for SDSS
11:33 Changeset [27820] by eugene
define radial bins matching SDSS bins
11:32 Changeset [27819] by eugene
updates to psphotVisual mandated by kapa API changes; added …
11:27 Changeset [27818] by eugene
APIs mods to pmSourcesWrite_CMF_ XSRC functions; added more (nearly) …
11:23 Changeset [27817] by eugene
create match2d function in dvo; allow kapa bg to be "none"; better help on …
11:20 Changeset [27816] by eugene
create a macro to return the image type
10:54 Changeset [27815] by eugene
move branches notes into the doc directory
10:53 Changeset [27814] by eugene
need a directory to hold notes on the branches


11:10 Ticket #833 (psSphereRotInvert defined wrong) closed by eugene
fixed: we already have psSphereRotConjugate to apply the inversion to a given …
10:51 PS1_DataRequestManagement edited by eugene


15:40 Changeset [27813] by price
Fix typo in SQL.
15:26 Changeset [27812] by rhenders
Script to convert GPC1 DVO photcodes into XML format for use in 'init' …
14:14 Changeset [27811] by rhenders
Safer handling of input args
14:10 Changeset [27810] by rhenders
Allowed single character args
12:55 Changeset [27809] by rhenders
Added new 'test' batch to help with validation of PSPS generated …
12:48 Changeset [27808] by rhenders
Changed order of columns for clarity
12:47 Changeset [27807] by rhenders
Fixed typo
12:44 Changeset [27806] by rhenders
Wasn't using enum for one column.
11:52 2010-05-03 created by gavin
11:51 Production_Cluster edited by gavin
11:50 2010-04-26 edited by gavin
10:55 ipp-dev-2010-04-27 created by gavin
10:54 ipp-dev-2010-04-20 created by gavin
10:54 Development_Cluster_Logs edited by gavin
09:26 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
09:26 2010-04-26 edited by gavin


16:45 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
16:36 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
16:32 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
16:24 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
16:23 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
15:53 sample_pstamp_request edited by eugene
15:21 Production_Work_Log edited by giebink
15:11 IPP_Progress_Report_20100419 edited by giebink
13:25 Changeset [27805] by bills
fix bug in order of updates. Write code for updates of other diff_modes
13:06 Changeset [27804] by rhenders
Was STILL not catching 0.0 flux values. Fixed now.
10:41 Changeset [27803] by price
Exposure times were getting set to zero because in the final combination, …
10:15 ipp020_log edited by gavin


17:28 Ticket #1322 (Aperture magnitudes in DVO) closed by eugene
fixed: The field measure.Map is present in defined in libautocode/def/measure.d …
17:24 Ticket #1315 (pattern noise subtraction removed mean background signal) closed by eugene
fixed: this was fixed when the pattern row & pattern cell corrections were …
17:22 Ticket #1312 (Magic software is in default SVN tree) closed by eugene
fixed: there is a directory called 'magic' in the top-level ipp directory. this …
17:15 Ticket #1277 (check that pmAstromLinearizeTransforms does the right thing) closed by eugene
fixed: I believe these were fixed in r27461. see also #1194
17:13 Ticket #1276 (ReadStarsSDSS does not associate measurements into objects) closed by eugene
fixed: This was an error in the order of events. This was fixed by defining a …
17:11 Ticket #1274 (Record datamodel code in .cmf file) closed by eugene
fixed: a single smf file can only be in a single format. it is only written in …
17:10 Ticket #1271 (Request to population OBJECT FITS keyword with MD field name) closed by eugene
fixed: This was in fact both a camera and otis issue. By the start of Demo …
17:06 Ticket #1270 (libcfitsio 'make' options need to be 'all,shared') closed by eugene
fixed: This seems to have fixed the reported issue. (fix is in r26272)
17:00 Ticket #1266 (warp is not pulling in the reduction class) closed by eugene
17:00 Changeset [27802] by bills
fix bug in project cache
16:33 Ticket #1245 (detselect should not select entries in state register) closed by eugene
fixed: fixed in r27797
16:29 Ticket #1217 (Build funpack and fpack as part of default build) closed by eugene
fixed: funpack and fpack are now built by default IFF CFITSIO is built under the …
16:28 Ticket #1215 (Mxx, Mxy, Myy not exposed in mextract) closed by eugene
fixed: this was addes as of r27587
16:27 Ticket #1203 (ippdb.src fails build on first pass, not second) closed by eugene
fixed: This is no longer an issue: a completely clean check out and build can run …
16:22 Ticket #1207 (mextract --help fields not complete) closed by eugene
fixed: mextract, avextract and imextract --help are now complete (as of r27587)
16:14 Changeset [27801] by rhenders
Script that finds exposure IDs from a list of job directories.
16:13 Ticket #1190 (Failed Raw Imfiles page links to Raw Imfiles page) closed by eugene
fixed: this has been fixed.
16:07 Ticket #1170 (chiptool -label broken) closed by eugene
fixed: This has been addressed (also: bug was ill defined: there is no chiptool …
16:04 Ticket #1162 (Cosmetic problem with histogram plotting) closed by eugene
fixed: fixed in r25918
15:56 Ticket #1154 (ppImage bogs down on the video cells) closed by eugene
fixed: We now skip over the video cells in the ppImage analysis
15:55 Ticket #1148 (flatcorr remaining issues) closed by eugene
fixed: These issues have been fixed for the flatcorr system
15:54 Ticket #1116 (OBJID keyword not working in "avextract") closed by eugene
fixed: it is as of r27587
15:53 Ticket #1098 (Aborts on NAN weight pixels) closed by eugene
fixed: psphot was modified in r25755 to mask bare NAN pixels
15:48 Ticket #1088 (simple/format.config should default defaults for CELL.XBIN, CELL.YBIN) closed by eugene
fixed: these are set in the DEFAULTS metadata (as of r18441)
15:44 Ticket #1079 (Ohana's mktemp shadows BSD's mktemp, leading to 'man' failure) closed by eugene
fixed: In r25757, I updated mktemp to behave as described above (without …
15:42 Changeset [27800] by rhenders
0.0 flux values still slipping through.
15:37 Ticket #1066 (mana / libgfits fails to uncompress some mask images) closed by eugene
fixed: ohana/libfits uncompress was updated in r23724 and r23815 to handle gzip …
15:34 Ticket #1023 (psFitsImage.c / convertImageWrite not quite working) closed by eugene
fixed: I believe this bug has been addressed.
15:32 Changeset [27799] by rhenders
Getting dist_group for single exposure case
15:24 Ticket #694 (Type of psImageCopy's third argument is odd) closed by eugene
fixed: I created the suggested macro (PS_IMAGE_GET_TYPE)
15:05 Ticket #1223 (pantasks should update fault state for crashes and clear book) closed by eugene
fixed: this bug was addressed by r23945
14:58 Ticket #819 (many Ohana programs use fseek() & ftell() and don't support large files) closed by eugene
fixed: this upgrade was done in the branches/eam_branches/largefiles.20100314 …
14:55 Ticket #1186 (Nebulous timeouts) closed by watersc1
fixed: I haven't noticed any timeouts recently, other than those due to …
14:49 Ticket #1181 (Opihi for loop arguments should not allow non-arithmetic expressions) closed by eugene
fixed: fixed in r27798
14:49 Changeset [27798] by eugene
check for numerical arguments to for loop
14:37 Ticket #1182 (detselect should not return items in state of 'register') closed by eugene
fixed: fixed this in r27797
14:37 Changeset [27797] by eugene
do not select detrends in state of register; registered detrends (mode == …
14:26 Changeset [27796] by bills
change isfinite to !isnull since isfinite is not declared
14:18 Changeset [27795] by bills
first crack at queuing automatic updates for diffSkyfiles. Various bug …
14:16 Changeset [27794] by bills
implement -setskyfiletoupdate and make difftool -revertdiffskyfile handle …
12:28 Changeset [27793] by price
Convolved products are not output by default any more.
12:18 Changeset [27792] by price
12:13 Changeset [27791] by price
Adding more simulations. The entire pipeline is more or less simulated, …
10:42 ipp011_log edited by gavin
10:41 2010-04-26 edited by gavin
10:27 Changeset [27790] by eugene
updates from dev branch Ohana.20100407: improvements to kapa label and …
09:59 Changeset [27789] by price
Copy analysis metadata, so that SKY_STDEV is available for …


16:08 Changeset [27788] by watersc1
Merged changes from my branch to support STAGE in the query header, and …
15:34 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
15:28 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
15:27 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
15:26 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
15:26 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
15:25 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
15:24 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
15:18 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
15:13 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
14:56 Changeset [27787] by price
Adding code that verifies the stack noise model: weighted average of …
14:46 Changeset [27786] by bills
don't clean up camera stage destreak runs. (Don't delete the uncensored …
14:45 Changeset [27785] by bills
When cleaning up magicDSRun for chip stage, don't clean up the camera …
13:41 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
13:35 ippToPsps edited by rhenders
12:38 Processing edited by rhenders
11:50 Changeset [27784] by watersc1
Moving code to a branch so I can work on the detectability server.
11:37 Changeset [27783] by bills
make default for requests to be wait for cleaned up inputs to be updated
11:36 Changeset [27782] by bills
fix doxygen line
11:08 Changeset [27781] by bills
changes to pstampDependent
11:06 Changeset [27780] by bills
increase STARS.SIGMA.LIM to 2 from 1
10:44 IPP_Current_Tasks edited by watersc1
09:13 IPP_Current_Tasks edited by eugene
08:43 Processing edited by rhenders


17:01 IPP_Progress_Report_20100419 edited by eugene
16:07 ipp017_log edited by gavin
15:53 Changeset [27779] by rhenders
using isfinite() instead of isnormal (which counts 0.0 as 'not normal'); …
15:52 Changeset [27778] by rhenders
isnormal already checks for value==0; now filtering out all dodgy flux …
15:35 Changeset [27777] by bills
have warptool -revertwarped fix warpSkyfiles in data_state 'update' remove …
15:08 2010-04-26 edited by gavin
15:02 Changeset [27776] by bills
have chiptool -revertprocessedimfile revert faults from the update process …
14:25 Changeset [27775] by rhenders
Now checks server status and differences between dist and stdscience …
13:55 IPP_Progress_Report_20100419 edited by heather
13:55 IPP_Progress_Report_20100419 edited by heather
13:44 IPP_Progress_Report_20100419 edited by bills
12:55 IPP_Progress_Report_20100419 edited by price
Adding progress report for this week. (diff)
12:51 IPP_Progress_Report_20100419 edited by bills
12:49 IPP_Progress_Report_20100419 edited by price
Add progress report. (diff)
12:48 IPP_Progress_Report_20100419 edited by watersc1
12:25 Changeset [27774] by price
Rework to allow lines of an arbitrary size. Cleaned up code too.
11:46 Changeset [27773] by heather
added dvodb to updaterun
09:08 2010-04-26 edited by gavin
09:07 2010-04-26 created by gavin
09:07 Production_Cluster edited by gavin
09:06 2010-04-19 edited by gavin
08:16 IPP_Progress_Report_20100419 edited by rhenders
08:16 Changeset [27772] by eugene
updates from trunk
08:11 IPP_Progress_Report_20100419 created by rhenders
08:11 IPP_Progress_Reports edited by rhenders


17:13 Changeset [27771] by eugene
turn off debugging text
13:37 Changeset [27770] by eugene
finish setphot so it now works (tested against yz.20100320/catdir.setphot)
10:38 Changeset [27769] by eugene
add a note
10:38 Changeset [27768] by eugene
creating setphot to apply zero points


13:30 2010-04-19 edited by gavin


16:50 Changeset [27767] by rhenders
First commit of simple tool for processing czar duties. Gives overview of …
16:26 Changeset [27766] by price
Fix "unused varianble" error.
16:20 Changeset [27765] by bills
add staticsky tables to list of tables dropped by pxadmin -delete
15:17 Processing edited by rhenders
15:07 Changeset [27764] by price
Key/index additions for distribution tables.
15:00 Changeset [27763] by price
Add key/index to magicDSRun to make it go faster for cleanup.
14:56 2010-04-19 edited by gavin
14:48 Changeset [27762] by price
Reverting undesirable change.
14:41 Changeset [27761] by eugene
error in code to send 2D image data to kapa
14:19 Changeset [27760] by rhenders
Now counting, and discarding, detections where flux = NULL or flux = 0.0.
13:21 Changeset [27759] by price
Fixing ppSubCopyPSF so it doesn't clobber the output analysis (which …
12:47 Changeset [27758] by bills
fix incorrect cut and paste
12:21 Changeset [27757] by price
Using parse_list() instead of parse() followed by parse_md_list(). Should …
12:15 Changeset [27756] by price
Adding function to parse a list of METADATAs. Breaking them up makes the …
11:36 Changeset [27755] by bills
remove the -state full to the magicdstool -updaterun -set_state …
11:35 Changeset [27754] by bills
change the argument from --magicked to --set_magicked
11:34 Changeset [27753] by bills
dsprodtool needs to accept a dbserver argument
11:33 Changeset [27752] by bills
stages definitions moved to psModules
11:33 Changeset [27751] by bills
Enable the postage stamp server to generate stamps from cleaned up data. …
11:32 Changeset [27750] by bills
add macros that define the diffRun.diff_mode
11:30 Changeset [27749] by bills
-destreaked is now magicked != 0 not > 0. This tells us which data can be …
11:29 Changeset [27748] by bills
add flag to -processedimfile to list faulted and unfaulted files together
11:28 Changeset [27747] by bills
process imfile if (chipRun.state = 'full' OR (chipRun.state = 'update' …
11:27 Changeset [27746] by price
Don't care if there's already an HDU there, so long as it has one.
11:26 Changeset [27745] by bills
in -updaterun dont' set stage to 'goto_cleaned' if it is already 'cleaned'
11:25 Changeset [27744] by bills
new files for -listrun modes and pstamptool modes
11:24 Changeset [27743] by bills
Add difftool -listrun mode Add diff_mode to the output form -diffskyfile
11:23 Changeset [27742] by bills
add -listrun mode
11:23 Changeset [27741] by bills
changes to pstampDependent
11:23 Changeset [27740] by bills
Enable the postage stamp server to handle requests for stamps from cleaned …
11:21 Changeset [27739] by bills
Various changes to -processedexp to support the postage stamp server
11:20 Changeset [27738] by bills
Add -listrun mode. Fix handling of magicked bits during update. Various …
11:19 Changeset [27737] by bills
Fix very slow query for -towarped. Re-enable update processing; Add …
11:17 Changeset [27736] by bills
changes to the pstampDependent table
11:11 2010-04-19 edited by gavin
11:10 ipp010_log edited by gavin
09:33 2010-04-19 edited by gavin
08:58 Changeset [27735] by price
Remove stray comma.
08:58 Changeset [27734] by price
Removing stray comma.


18:25 Changeset [27733] by price
Remove debugging fprintf
18:20 Changeset [27732] by price
Need to rescale the covariance matrix when we rescale the images. The …
16:34 Changeset [27731] by price
Fix cut/paste error.
16:30 Changeset [27730] by rhenders
Added datastore product argument
16:25 Changeset [27729] by rhenders
Added datastore product as an (optional) argument
12:17 Changeset [27728] by eugene
added note to explain stack and diff
12:08 Processing edited by rhenders
12:07 Processing edited by rhenders
11:07 Changeset [27727] by price
Based on simulation and real data, the sum of the covariance kernel is not …
11:05 Changeset [27726] by price
Based on simulation and real data, I now believe I have the correct …
10:49 Changeset [27725] by price
Cannot match transparencies with only a single source list.
06:10 ippdb02_log edited by gavin
06:08 ippdb02_log edited by gavin


16:06 Changeset [27724] by eugene
N and n were not being correctly set
15:47 Changeset [27723] by watersc1
Have difference images inherit the data_group of the warp that went into …
12:42 Changeset [27722] by watersc1
select warps to include in a stack by the data_group
12:35 Changeset [27721] by price
Need state = 'new' for diff.
11:46 Changeset [27720] by price
Cleaning up and adding more failure modes.
11:46 Changeset [27719] by price
Turn off strict file close checking when there's been an error.
11:35 Changeset [27718] by price
Add date of processing to output log.
09:57 Processing edited by rhenders


17:41 Changeset [27717] by watersc1
comment out debug print statement
17:24 PS1_DataRequestManagement edited by heather
14:46 Ticket #1110 (ra, dec restriction ranges are in radians not degrees) closed by watersc1
14:45 Ticket #1125 (add 'label' to chip, camera, etc) closed by watersc1
14:42 Ticket #1260 (ippMonitor diffRun.php fails with SQL error) closed by watersc1
14:32 Ticket #1338 (neb-voladm --available only changes volume, not mountedvol) closed by watersc1
14:31 PS1_DataRequestManagement edited by heather
14:28 Ticket #1126 (add -comment as search option for chiptool -updaterun and equiv) closed by watersc1
13:33 ipp003_log edited by gavin
12:58 Changeset [27716] by bills
triple timeout for destreak.advance to 60 seconds
12:49 Changeset [27715] by eugene
options for section bounds and label padding
11:04 2010-04-19 edited by gavin
10:41 Changeset [27714] by eugene
some API changes
10:32 ipp017_log edited by gavin
10:25 PS1_DataRequestManagement edited by bills
10:19 PS1_DataRequestManagement edited by bills
10:10 Changeset [27713] by eugene
plotting improvements
10:06 IPP_Progress_Report_20100412 edited by eugene


17:04 Changeset [27712] by watersc1
This version corrects the over-queueing bug. My stacktool was not fully …
16:05 Changeset [27711] by watersc1
Updated version, hopefully will resolve the over-queueing issue from last …
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12:15 Changeset [27710] by rhenders
Now using dist_group from IPP Db to set 'survey type' in PSPS; better …
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Adding progress report. (diff)
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