and .


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15:28 Changeset [40129] by watersc1
Changes to setphot to deal with HSC data, and to force it to apply the …
15:03 Changeset [40128] by watersc1
Branch for HSC/DVO work.
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15:52 Changeset [40127] by eugene
build empty next_lensobj if output has no lensobj (if the entire output …


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07:21 Changeset [40126] by heather
fits.py would hang when encountering a 0 length file, now it correctly …


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14:52 Changeset [40125] by eugene
add PS and PNG bar graph support
14:51 Changeset [40124] by eugene
fix font size change for super and subscript
10:02 Changeset [40123] by eugene
add bDrawBars function; clean up DrawObjects? a bit
10:01 Changeset [40122] by eugene
dev branch for eam to work on kapa details


18:18 Changeset [40121] by eugene
remove per-filter sub-plots (redone as single plots)
18:14 Changeset [40120] by eugene
update text and figures based on comments; sent to the consortium
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16:07 Changeset [40119] by mhuber
pztool fix proxy fault number
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14:33 Changeset [40118] by eugene
init some variables
14:18 Changeset [40117] by eugene
add code to use mmap instead of malloc; add code to tell malloc to avoid …
14:17 Changeset [40116] by eugene
remove unused variables
11:32 PS1_IPP_Czarlog_20170807 created by mhuber@…


13:06 Changeset [40115] by eugene
verbosity mods
12:51 Changeset [40114] by eugene
major mods to track down dvopsps segfaults
12:47 Changeset [40113] by eugene
mostly harmless changes to track down dvopsps segfaults: watch out for …
12:45 Changeset [40112] by eugene
some harmless changes trying to track down the dvopsps segfault (free to …
12:43 Changeset [40111] by eugene
add update-catalog option to relphot
12:41 Changeset [40110] by eugene
making a branch to debug dvopsps segfaults
12:05 Changeset [40109] by watersc1
Add option of using old (r35192) or current (r37974) warp-stack diff SQL.
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