* add the desired fields to the table in dbconfig: eg, dbconfig/chip.md contains the entries for chip processing

dtime_photom F32 0.0

  • add corresponding entries in the ippTool config .c code (eg, chiptoolConfig.c)

psMetadataAddF32(addprocessedimfileArgs, PS_LIST_TAIL, "-dtime_photom", 0, "define elapsed time for photometry (seconds)", NAN);

  • add the entries (in eg ippTool/src/chiptool.c) to the add row functions (eg addprocessedimfileMode) and the corresponding row insert. The new insert api will give a compile time error if the correct entries are not added.

PXOPT_LOOKUP_F32(dtime_photom, config->args, "-dtime_photom", false, false);

  • add the corresponding entry to the ippconfig/recipes/ppStats.config file (eg CHIPSTATS METADATA) HEADER STR DT_PHOT # elapsed time in photometry processing
  • add the corresponding entries to the STATS structure in the ippScripts .pl file (eg chip_imfile.pl): { name => "DT_PHOT", type => "sum", flag => "-dtime_photom", dtype => "float" },
  • supply the header fields in the appropriate tool (eg, psphotDefineHeader) psMetadataAddF32 (header, PS_LIST_TAIL, "DT_PHOT", PS_META_REPLACE, "elapsed psphot time", psTimerMark ("psphot"));