* make sure the tree is up to date and everything builds.

  • create the extlibs and extperl tarballs (remove the CVS directory)
  • do a full checkout of the tree in a new directory, and make a complete installation to a new psconfig target

psconfig ipp-new cd ipp/psconfig psbuild -dev -extbuild

  • make sure ippdb has been built and checked in (we need to define a consistent policy for release numbers in ippdb)

cd ipp/dbconfig make src cd ../ippdb cvs up (etc)

  • set the tags on the rest of the tree:

psdist -tag branch ipp-2.5 psdist -tag rev ipp-2.5

  • build the tarball based on the tags

psdist -dist tarball ipp-2.5

  • test the distribution (the directory used to build the tarball will be left behind in psconfig)

ln -s ../../extlibs . ln -s ../../extperl . cd ipp-2.5/psconfig psconfig ipp-2.5-test psbuild -extbuild

  • place the tarballs in the web directory (software/bundles) and update software/index.tt
  • cp tarballs/ipp-2.5.tgz /home/kiawe/eugene/doc/panstarrs/IPP-www-bundles/ipp-2.6.tgz
  • rsync /home/kiawe/eugene/doc/panstarrs/IPP-www-bundles/ panstarrs:/www/html/project/IPP/software/bundles/
  • cd /home/kiawe/eugene/doc/panstarrs/IPP-www
  • up
  • edit software/index.tt
  • ci, etc


In the past, it was necessary to set the tags on Ohana by hand, as described below.

  • set the tags for Ohana (this has to be done by Gene until Ohana is moved under the panstarrs CVS)

cd elixir/ohana cvs tag -b ipp-2-5 cvs up -r ipp-2-5 cvs tag ipp-2-5-0

  • update the Ohana cvs to the panstarrs cvs:

(on alala as eugene) : rsync.external.cvs