DRAVG test suite images candidates (Eddie Schlafly)

I ran my SDSS comparison (zpt_variation_july09) on the MD07 data from July and picked out a set of 16 candidate images for use as part of the DRAVG IPP test suite. The list of images is:

  • o4940g0253o.63996.cm.14240.smf
  • o4940g0256o.63999.cm.14243.smf
  • o4950g0087o.65218.cm.14261.smf
  • o4950g0102o.65233.cm.14274.smf
  • o4952g0278o.65748.cm.14280.smf
  • o4953g0174o.66061.cm.14285.smf
  • o4953g0180o.66067.cm.14291.smf
  • o4956g0056o.66860.cm.14299.smf
  • o4973g0117o.70837.cm.14322.smf
  • o4979g0133o.71432.cm.14328.smf
  • o4984g0101o.72886.cm.14352.smf
  • o4985g0140o.73333.cm.14365.smf
  • o4986g0195o.73759.cm.14378.smf
  • o4987g0182o.74096.cm.14384.smf
  • o4991g0168o.75699.cm.14408.smf
  • o4998g0178o.78198.cm.14443.smf

Most stars used in the following plots are faint (all stars matching SDSS contribute; ivar weighted), so considerable point-to-point scatter is expected. We can hope to get rid of the large scale biases, though.