DVO Database Tools

This page describes several tools for managing DVO databases.

Merging DVO Databases : dvomerge

  • dvomerge (input1) and (input2) to (output) : create a new database from two existing databases
  • dvomerge (input) into (output) : merge a DVO database into another, existing database

Convert DVO Database Formats : dvoconvert

  • dvoconvert (input) to (output)

This program can affect three aspects of the DVO database: the format, the mode, and the depth. The format specifies the schema -- what fields are saved and some aspects of precision. Available options (2010.04.02) are: PS1_V2, PS1_V1, PS1_DEV_2, PS1_DEV_1, PANSTARRS_DEV_1, PANSTARRS_DEV_0, ELIXIR, LONEOS. The older formats take less space, but in general have less information. The mode specifies if the Average, Measure, Secfilt, and Missing tables stored as separate files (mode = SPLIT) or as a single file (mode = MEF)). The MEF mode is a bit more compact, but does not allow for high throughput I/O like the SPLIT mode. The depth specifies the resolution of the spatial partitioning. The depth currently may have values of 0 - 4. These correspond to

  • 0 = full sky in one table
  • 1 - 15 deg DEC bands per table
  • 2 - DEC bands are divided in RA ranges
  • 3 - subdivision of the regions of 2 (== HST GSC layout)
  • 4 - finer subdivisions of the regions

To specify the output mode, format, or depth use these options:

  • -D CATMODE (mode)
  • -D CATFORMAT (format)
  • -D SKY_DEPTH (depth)

If these are not specified, the new database will use the values specified in your ptolemyrc configuration file system.

Use 'gconfig' to check on the default values, eg gconfig CATMODE