DVO Example Tarball

The tarball above contains a set of astrometrized detection files with a basic ptolemy configuration script to examine the DVO usage.

  • ingest the detection tables into DVO:
     addstar -D CAMERA cfh12k 549803p.1.cm.46.smf
     addstar -D CAMERA cfh12k 549907p.2.cm.45.smf
     addstar -D CAMERA cfh12k 549908p.3.cm.50.smf
     addstar -D CAMERA cfh12k 615926p.4.cm.48.smf
     addstar -D CAMERA cfh12k 615927p.5.cm.51.smf

You will now have a DVO database (catdir.default) with the 5 images and their detections ingested. At this point, no average magnitudes have been calculated.

You can use the DVO shell to examine the database contents:

Start the dvo shell:


You now can give DVO querying commands:

 dvo: region 67.0 26.2 0.5
 dvo: images

this will display the outlines of the images you have just ingested.

 dvo: mextract -region ra, dec, mag, mag:err, time
 dvo: czplot ra dec mag 17 12 -c red -pt 7

this plots the locations of the (brighter) stars as red circles