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*CFH12Ktest : Gene's notes

Mosaic2 (Essence)




  • VYSOS5.20091011 : Science Processing data from the VYSOS-5 camera (EAM notes from 2009.10)
  • VYSOS5.20090806 : Running IPP on the VYSOS-5 camera (EAM notes from 2009.08.06)
  • VYSOS5.20090119 : Running IPP on the VYSOS-5 camera (EAM notes from 2009.01.19)

UH 2.2m

  • 2.2m-UH-Tek : Ran IPP 2.1 on UH 2.2m's Tek data. Notes on errors/fixes made to config files. By Julia Fang
  • 2.2m-UH Tek : How to run IPP 2.6.1 with Tek images (preliminary) - Alexander Laurich
  • 2.2m-UH-8K : Trying to use for UH88 8K optical CCD data reduction/analysis - Alexander Laurich


  • IPPstripe82 : Running IPP on SDSS southern-stripe multi-epoch data - Sebastian Jester ( work in progress )
  • PAIRITEL : Configured to reduced pre-processed NIR data from 1.8-m refurbished 2MASS North telescope, PAIRITEL.


  • DVO challenge : Notes from Mike Liu from his and Gene's DVO exercise described at the April 2008 Heidelberg meeting
  • DVO tutorial : Sebastian Jester's attempt at a dvo walk-through
  • Several of the walk-throughs above, including Basic GPC1 Processing for End Users, include details on several aspects of dvo, including loading data into dvo databases
  • DVO Table Formats / DVO with IDL : Notes from Chris Beaumont on the DVO table structures, and how to extract information from the database without using the DVO shell. Examples of using DVO data in IDL