Documentation Summary

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Documentation update priorities

  • IPPwiki cleanup - results will feed into printable versions of many of the following items
  • Site administrator guide for (nearly) full install
    • Installation guide (compiling)
    • Setting up users for ssh and psconfig in pantasks
    • Setting up apache for php etc. on whichever distros are encountered
    • Setting users in dbadmin / ippMonitor
    • Nebulous (if required - should wait for requests)
  • Single-user dvo install guide and basic cookbook
    • Querying pstamp via dvo (with a new script)
  • Data mirroring site administrator guide
  • User manuals
    • Using dvo
    • Running IPP and looking at its outputs
      • Running on an already-supported camera (default: "simple" camera)
        • Analysis sequence, jargon
        • Manuals for each component
        • Using pantasks and ippMon (special attention to error trapping and revert)
      • Running on a camera to be newly defined