External Coding Requests

Temporal Cross-Database/Table Join Tool

There are various tables in the OTIS database, and others in the IPP processing database, with measurements on different temporal scales. This makes correlation between these quantities somewhat difficult. We would like a generic tool that would take a pair of database tables, potentially from different databases, with identifiers for data/time columns and fields of interest. The tool would then extract the requested data from the pairs of tables and generate matched time sequences, interpolating as needed to a common sampling rate.

U.Indiana / WIYN have expressed interest in this task

PSF Model to PSF Stamps

The IPP PSF Model describes a 2D varying PSF with an analytical core plus residual images. We would like a tool built using the IPP psModules library to take a PSF model and generate a realization of the PSF at a specific coordinate or set of coordinates. An example of code within the IPP that does these steps (in another context) is ppSim/src/ppSimInsertStars.c

Peter Draper @ Durham is working on this task

Update: Peter Draper, 9th December 2009. Paul Price has created a new task ppVizPPSF that does this job, so I've stopped looking at this.