Extra IPP Features

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There are desires by various people in the community for IPP features which go a bit beyond our current scope of operations. This page gives links to descriptions of those desires and coding tasks needed. Any volunteer labor to take on these tasks is welcome.

  • Video photometry analysis : Those interested in searching for KBOs via occultations of stars in the video cells would like to be able to perform an photometry analysis which is somewhat more robust against outliers than the processing currently performed by the camera on-the-fly. Pavlos Protopapas is working on this issue.
  • Background Model for Stack : The basic IPP stacks have been generated from images which have been background subtracted. The background subtraction acts as a high-pass filter, removing large-scale structures, making it difficult or impossible to perform photometry on large galaxies. This page discusses the steps needed to replace the astronomical component of the background by stacking the background models.
  • Large-Scale Masking Analysis : Any study which requires an accurate measurement of the fill-factor of the observations requires an analysis of the masks. This page discusses the steps needed to convert the mask images into a set of coverage maps for the sky.