Camera Artifacts : Bathtub Rings and Related Artifacts

Original Bathtub Rings

need some words here describing the classic bathtub rings and the fix with the drain voltage

Residual Bathtub Ring-like Effect

There is a pattern visible on at least ota36 which has an appearance very similar to the bathtub rings. This was seen by Heather in magic tests. The examples we have appear to be present only when video is occurring on ota36. In the one example shown here, the feature appears in the first science image of the night with video (o5555g0031o) and continues for roughly an hour. The images below show the datastore jpegs for images from night 5555. The first 7 images are in sequence, and the pattern is visible in those jpegs which contain a video cell. The pattern evolves with time. The pattern continues until after the 50-54 series. Image 50 shows the pattern more strongly than image 49. The pattern gets weak through the 50s, but continues to trigger magic, even though the datastore appearance is weak.

o5555g0031o o5555g0032o o5555g0033o
o5555g0034o o5555g0035o o5555g0036o
o5555g0037o o5555g0049o o5555g0050o
o5555g0053o o5555g0054o o5555g0057o