This is an incomplete log of different det_ids, with notes on what they are and why(if) they were changed.

det_id type state date range comments
104 DARK_DARKTIME_BAD stop 2009-01-01 -> uses DARKTIME, which fails for some cells. Changed from DARK -> DARK_DARKTIME_BAD so it's not automatically selected (2011-02-18, heather)
223 DARK stop 2009-01-01 -> 2009-12-09 changed from DARK_PREMASK -> DARK and added end date that is based on camera changes. This is the preferred DARK for this date range, and does not have the problem with DARKTIME being invalid for some cells some of the time. (2011-02-18, heather)
585 DARK stop 2010-01-23 -> changed date range from NULL to 2010-01-23 - detselect was picking it for dates < 2010-01-23 because det_id was the latest (heather)
740 DARK register 2010-09-13 no changes - this is the preferred dark for data since 2010-09-13 (a few chips were changed manuaul, the others are from an older det_id)