* create the database:

dbadmin project alala ipp gpctest pxadmin -create -dbname gpctest

  • inject the files into the new database

ipp_serial_inject_split.pl --telescope PS1 --camera GPC --workdir /data/ipp000.1/gpc1/20070824 --dbname gpctest c*

  • run registration step in pantasks

module pantasks.pro module register.pro controller host add ipp000 controller host add ipp000 add.database gpctest run

  • the registration is running well, except the headers are missing OBSTYPE keywords, so all images are coming out as "BIAS". I need to write a script to insert the header keywords based on the NOTE file from the directory
  • 2007.08.28 : morning

I have started to look into the dark, overscan, etc for the images. Paul and I used the focal plane layout gif from the camera wiki to generate the table of chip positions in the fpa (rough, integer chip offsets) so we are able to build full fpa mosaics and chip mosaics using the IPP tools. We build an M31 image with no processing other than stitching the cells and chips together.


I have also generated an overscan subtracted image for M31 (c4336g0123o). At least some of the overscans have a hot column at the end of the overscan region. I have set the recipe to use the median to calculate the overscan value, and keep only a single value from the full region. We will add a concept to window down the overscan region before calculating the stats.

The overscan-subtracted M31 image looks already fairly nice. The sky is generally flat. It is possible to see some of the dust lanes in M31. There are some interesting features: there is a strong glow feature in chip 5,6 and another in chip 6,2. there is a clear dark-current pattern in the corners of all or most of the chips.


I have also generated an overscan-subtracted dark image from the 100s dark image (c4336g0108d). Applying that image straight partially corrects the dark current. Applying it with multiplied by a scale-factor of 2.8 yields a much better subtraction.