The current IPP Linux 2.6.22 based bootcd's and stage 4 spec files were based on the Gentoo releng specs fetched from svn:// . They can be retrieved from the IPP svn tree as:

svn co

New version(s) of the .spec are generated for each Gentoo 20XX.X release so these will need to be updated from time to time. Unfortunately, with the move from Catalyst 1.x -> 2.x there is no long any decent documentation The .spec files are fairly self explanatory and the Gentoo releng mail list is the place to ask questions

The procedure to build the boot cd is:

catalyst -s 2007.0
catalyst -f installcd-stage1-minimal.spec
catalyst -f installcd-stage2-minimal.spec

The stage 4 build procedure is:

catalyst -s 2007.0
catalyst -f stage1.spec
catalyst -f stage2.spec
catalyst -f stage3.spec
catalyst -f stage4.spec

Note that the name of portage snapshot generated with the '-s' must match up with the name specified in the .spec files.

Recommended reading:

  • man catalyst