Heather's PS1 Seminar

Introduction to PanSTARRS Data products (updated May 2014)


The talk is on the wiki, please click on interesting links, please play with your computers (as long as it involves ps1), please ask questions! I will cover:

  • Computer Resources
  • Help!
  • How to get to the Pixels
  • How to get to the Catalogs

Computer Resources

Advertisement: we have a machine, called 'ifaps1' which is mostly unused. It has access to various ps1 machines, it has access to various ipp tools.

  • Who can access it: anyone with a galileo account
  • How to set it up: Follow instructions here: http://svn.pan-starrs.ifa.hawaii.edu/trac/ipp/wiki/IPP_on_ifaps1
  • we also have an idl license for it
  • useful to use our tools (and cfitsio) - useful for running psphot, or for funpack (to unzip the compressed files)
  • warning: you have to access it from within the ifa network (ie, not from home)

Where to get help

First step look at the wikis, if need more information ask people



These are the people in ipp/psps, (heather) has labeled them:

  • ken - psvo
  • gene - dvo / 3pi
  • mark - md
  • bill - postmaster (postage stamp server)
  • chris - grand reprocessing
  • heather - psps / skyprobe
  • conrad - psps
  • thomas - psps

Ask any of us questions. If we don't know we probably know who to ask :)


Most in this room will likely use one of 2 surveys:

3pi survey

Three Pi has covered everything north of dec = -30 in grizy

Medium Deep (MD) survey

Medium Deep survey is ~ 12 spots in the sky with a lot of coverage in time:

Field #NameAlt NameRA (J2000)RA (deg)Dec (J2000)Dec (deg)Comment
00PS1MD00M3100 42 42010.6750+41 16 00+41.2667M31. No change from original pointing
01PS1MD01XMM-LSS-DXS/VVDS-02h02 24 50036.2074-04 35 00-04.5833Multi-wavelength Survey Field. Shift 1 SC S-E to avoid Mira and improve VVDS coverage
02PS1MD02CDFS/GOODS/GEMS03 32 24053.1000-28 08 00-28.1333Multi-wavelength Survey Field. Shift 1 SC S to move CDFS off-centre and improve coverage
03PS1MD03IFA/Lynx08 42 22130.5917+44 19 00+44.3167Radio Survey Field. No change from original pointing
04PS1MD04COSMOS10 00 00150.0000+02 12 00+02.2000Multi-wavelength Survey Field. No change from original pointing
05PS1MD05Lockman-DXS10 47 40161.9167+58 05 00+58.0833Multi-wavelength Survey Field
06PS1MD06NGC 425812 20 00185.0000+47 07 00+47.1167H20 Maser. No change from previous table
07PS1MD07DEEP2 Field 1/Extended Groth Strip14 14 49213.7051+53 05 00+53.0834Multi-wavelength Survey Field. Shift 1 SC S-E to lose M101 and improve EGS overlap
08PS1MD08EliasN1-DXS16 11 09242.7875+54 57 00+54.9500Multi-wavelength Survey Field. No change from original pointing
09PS1MD09SA22-DXS/VVDS-22h22 16 45334.1875+00 17 00+00.2833Multi-wavelength Survey Field. Shift 1.5 SC E to improve coverage with VVDS
10PS1MD10DEEP2-Field323 29 15352.3125-00 26 00-00.4333Multi-wavelength Survey Field. Shift 1 SC E to improve DEEP2 coverage
11PS1MD11NEP18 00 00270.0000+66 34 00+66.56North Celestial Pole

Lots of information on the wiki about our processing of MD fields, see here: http://svn.pan-starrs.ifa.hawaii.edu/trac/ipp/wiki/MediumDeepFields


There are other surveys, if you need access please ask

PS1 surveys filters percent time
3pi steradian survey grizy 56
calibration fields grizy 2
medium deep survey grizy 25
solar system "sweet spot" survey r 5
stellar transit survey i 4
M31 Survey grizy 2
PI time grizy 6

How to access the Pixels

Which survey?

For a generic 'can I see my favorite patch of the sky', you want the 3pi database

For time domain stuff you likely want a 'Medium Deep Field', but this covers only a small area of sky

Different stages (depends on what you want)

  • chip - detrended data by chip (there are 60 per exposure)
  • cam - the chips 'glued' together
  • warp - warped to have .25" pixels
  • stack - stacks of images - may not cover all of 3pi sky yet (be careful)
  • diff - difference images (only for MD fields)

Best bet is to try stack, if nothing there then try warp. This is just a generic guess, other stages may suit your needs better.

Different ways to get pixels

  • Datastore
    • good to grab stuff automatically (we put data on there as we process it)
  • Ask
    • good for skyprobe (eventually skyprobe will be accessed similarly to gpc1)
    • good if you need data that the postage stamp server doesn't have (ie, detrends? other stuff?)

How to access the catalogs

Different ways, depends on your needs:

Other PS1 stuff