How to start an Areca Array Verification pass from the HTTP interface.

An array verification pass should be started once a month.

SSH Tunnel w/ port forward mapping

The Areca HTTP daemon listens on TCP port 81. This port is inaccessible from outside of the production environment. In order to gain access to the daemon, a port from your local system will need to be forwarded through an SSH tunnel to the production cluster.

jhoblitt@rma ~ $ ./ 
Last login: Thu Jul 30 12:16:27 2009 from
jhoblitt@ipp004 ~ $

This script forwards a unique port to port tcp/81 on each node at MHPCC. The localport/remote host mapping is:

http://localhost:8004 -> ipp004
http://localhost:8005 -> ipp005
http://localhost:8006 -> ipp006

Then open your browser to http://localhost:80XX. Under FireFox?, you can bookmark all of the nodes in a single folder then have FireFox? open all entries in that folder as separate tabs.

Clink on "VolumeSet? Functions"

Clink on "Check Volume Set"

Check the box next to the name of the volume set you what to check and the "Confirm The Operation" box. Then click submit. Note that you will not be able to do this operation on degraded volumes.

You should see a page noting that the check has been started.

SSH Tunnel no port forwarding

gavin@ipp000 ~ $ ssh ipp004
Last login: Thu Jul 30 09:14:04 2009 from
gavin@ipp004 ~ $ firefox --no-remote

Use the standard ipp0XX node URL