The version of the 3w-9xxx driver included with Linux 2.6.22 does not support the PCI IDs of the 3ware 9690 SAS RAID cards. In order to install the O/S image on a system with this RAID card and the standard IPP boot media, a newer version of this driver will need to be installed. The procedure for this is:

  • boot the system off of the cd and configure networking
  • via sftp, download the updated 3w-9xxx.ko driver
  • run the commands:
    rmmod 3w-9xxxx;insmod ./3w-9xxx.ko
  • proceed with the standard install

This driver was created from the 2.6.22-gentoo (no -rX) sources with this .config and this patch 9690sa.patch.


  • 3w-9xxx.ko (52.9 KB) - added by jhoblitt 9 years ago. updated 3Ware driver for Linux 2.6.22 SMP
  • .config (55.2 KB) - added by jhoblitt 9 years ago. 2.6.22-gentoo .config
  • 9690sa.patch (11.4 KB) - added by jhoblitt 9 years ago. 3w-9xxx patch for 2.6.22