Installing IPP 2.5.1 on Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)

Throughout this guide, INSTALL_PATH refers to the directory into which IPP is to be installed and SRC_DIR to the directory into which the initial tarballs are downloaded.

Grab the IPP distribution, the dependencies and the simtest software

wget wget wget wget


The psconfig pre-setup. For new installations of IPP, the psconfig software must be installed first-up. Extract the full IPP tarball and examine the psconfig INSTALL file.

tar xvfz ipp-2.5.1.tgz less ipp-2.5/psconfig/INSTALL

The configuration of the psconfig software installation is set-up with just a little footwork. In the ipp-2.5/psconfig directory,

./psbuild -bootstrap INSTALL_PATH

An alias must be set-up in the shell login script (in my case, .tcshrc)

if (-e /Users/jbj/Research/Pan-STARRS/IPP/ipp-2.5/psconfig.csh) then

alias psconfig "source /Users/jbj/Research/Pan-STARRS/IPP/ipp-2.5/psconfig.csh"


alias psconfig "echo psconfig not available"

endif psconfig default

external libraries

With this done, the login script must be re-sourced and then the dependencies can be checked.

cd SRC_DIR/ipp-2.5/psconfig source .tcshrc pschecklibs

Should any external libraries be required, these will be listed and can be installed with pschecklibs via the -build flag. Otherwise skip ahead

cd SRC_DIR tar xvfz extlibs-2.5.tgz cd SRC_DIR/ipp-2.5/psconfig pschecklibs -build

There is no shortage of opportunities for things to go wrong during this strongly system-dependent stage. Some digging around in the makefiles in SRC_DIR/extlibs might solve the problem trivially, or it might not. The Pan-STARRS Bugzilla may be helpful, and the submission of bug reports is definitely appreciated.

external perl

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