==Under construction!!==

Installing IPP 2.6 on RedHat? Enterprise 5

Throughout this guide, INSTALL_PATH refers to the directory into which IPP is to be installed and SRC_DIR to the directory into which the initial tarballs are downloaded.

Grab the IPP distribution, the dependencies and the simtest software

wget http://pan-starrs.ifa.hawaii.edu/project/IPP/software/bundles/ipp-2.6.beta.tgz wget http://pan-starrs.ifa.hawaii.edu/project/IPP/software/bundles/extlibs-2.6.tgz wget http://pan-starrs.ifa.hawaii.edu/project/IPP/software/bundles/extperl-2.6.tgz wget http://pan-starrs.ifa.hawaii.edu/project/IPP/software/bundles/catdir.synth.simtest.tgz


The psconfig pre-setup. For new installations of IPP, the psconfig software must be installed first-up. Extract the full IPP tarball and examine the psconfig INSTALL file, this will contain very useful information, albeit in a rather terse form.

tar xvfz ipp-2.6.beta.tgz less ipp-2.6/psconfig/INSTALL

The configuration of the psconfig software installation is set-up with just a little footwork. In the ipp-2.6/psconfig directory,

./psbuild -bootstrap INSTALL_PATH

An alias must be set-up in the shell login script as indicated by the command above (in my case, .bashrc). Even if this is your first installation of IPP run the psconfig command as described in INSTALL above.

psconfig default

if this is your first installation

psconfig v2

if this is a second (or later) installation. Note: "v2" can be replaced by any other name you would like. In this case, the IPP program is installed into INSTALL_PATH/v2.linrh.

external libraries

With this done, open a new terminal to refresh all of the login aliases.

Next you need to check if the external libraries and perl modules are in order

cd SRC_DIR/ipp-2.6/psconfig pschecklibs pscheckperl

Should any external libraries be required, these will be listed and can be installed with pscheckperl and pschecklibs via the -build flag. Otherwise skip ahead

cd SRC_DIR tar xvzf extperl-2.6.tgz tar xvfz extlibs-2.6.tgz cd SRC_DIR/ipp-2.6/psconfig pscheckperl -build pschecklibs -build

When unpacking the tarballs, make sure they extract into directories named extperl and extlibs respectivly. If they don't, fix them before trying to install the external libraries and perl modules. Once the external dependencies are taken care of run

cd SRC_DIR/ipp-2.6/psconfig psbuild

Ideally this will completely build and install the IPP distribution. In my case however, it did not.

===Problems, etc===

Upon calling psbuild, there was a complaint of

cannot find -lncurses

The sysadmin easily installed the appropriate package, fixing the problem.

Next psbuild had a problem with the mysql installation. It could not find mysql.h. Mysql was installed originally by me with the 2.5.1 installation of IPP and then by root because my version didn't work. However pschecklibs for 2.6 found mysql.h in my earlier 2.5.1 installation but somehow psbuld could not access it. This was solved by installing mysql from the extlibs directory for IPP 2.6 using psconfigure instead of ./configure. Then renaming the mysql binary in the v2.linrh directory tree so that mysql from the command line would call /usr/bin/mysql.

Psbuild continued on its merry way until needing the external library gsl. Pschecklibs should have fixed this but did not. Installing gsl myself did not fix the problem either. Installing using

psconfigure make sudo make install

installed gsl into the root library structure and solved the problem.

The intltool was then found to be too old. A brief trip to the sysadmin and subsequent root installation solved the problem.

A compilation error was found in ippTools which was fixed by a new release of IPP 2.6 which after repeating most of the above, installed perfectly.

===Post-build configuration===

Note: make sure to copy SRC-DIR/ippconfig/dvo.site and site.config.in to ~/.ptolemyrc and INSTALL_PATH/v2.linrh/share/ippconfig/site.config respectively.

I then went through every configuration file I could find (in ~, in v2.linrh/share/ippconfig, ecetera) to change any mention of default.linrh (from my previous installation) to v2.linrh (my second installation). I then went into my site.config file (mentioned above) and added

UH8KDATA STR /home/alex/data/uh8k/test1/data UH8KWORK STR /home/alex/data/uh8k/test1/work

SIMDATA STR /home/alex/simdata SIMWORK STR /home/alex/simwork SIMTEST STR /home/alex/simtest

to the DATAPATH metadata in order to reference my 8k camera data and any possible simdata that was needed. Note: these meta data are interpreted by a reference to path://, e.g. path://SIMDATA/ would produce /home/alex/simdata.

===Experience with the dreaded Simtest===

This refers to the automated SimtestNew.

I opened up a new terminal to make sure all old aliases and references were set to the new ones. Then called up pantasks as directed in SimtestNew. The images were generated and registered. A problem occured when pantasks attempted to call detrend_resid.pl, since IPP 2.6 only ahs detrend_resid_exp.pl and detrend_resid_imfile.pl. A further release by Gene fixed the problem.

However I could not get past the stacktool portion of the simtest. At the time that is broken.

Note: I could only get SimtestNew to work in my home directory. I tried in another directory (so as to not clutter up my home directory) but the simtest failed with complaints that "--erbose" was not a valid flag.