Ipp 2.6.1 installation log for FedoraCore?7 2008.08.08 Y. Uraa (Saitama U/ASIAA@Taiwan), K.Y. Huang(ASIAA@Taiwan)

(1) Install FedoraCore?7

32bit Dual boot (FC7/Win-XP)

(2) download IPP and external packages


Install directory

/ast/ipp/2.6.1 /ast/ipp/extlibs/ /ast/ipp/extperl/

> cd /ast > tar zxvf ipp-2.6.1.tgz > tar zxvf extlibs-2.6.tgz > tar zxvf extperl-2.6.tgz

(3) psconfig setup

> cd /ast/ipp/2.6.1/psconfig/ > ./psbuild -bootstrap /ast/ipp/2.6.1

add following lines in the ".cshrc"

======================================================== if (-e /ast/ipp/2.6.1/psconfig.csh) then

alias psconfig "source /ast/ipp/2.6.1/psconfig.csh"


alias psconfig "echo psconfig not available"

endif psconfig default ========================================================

(4) External libraries

> cd /ast/ipp/2.6.1/psconfig/ > pschecklibs -build > pscheckperl -build

(5) Run psbuild

> cd /ast/ipp/2.5.1/psconfig/ > ./psbuild

(6) Treat Fedoracore (SELinux) problem

If you meet following error message, it means the SELinux's securit problem. The SELinux doesn't accept loading the library.

*error message [urata]$ ./ppImage ./ppImage: error while loading shared librarieS: /ast/ipp/2.5.1/default.linux/lib/libpslib.so.1: cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied

  • Fixed way [urata]$ ls -al /ast/ipp/2.5.1/default.linux/lib/libpslib.so.1 lrwxrwxrwx 1 urata urata 17 2008-05-17 13:27 /ast/ipp/2.5.1/default.linux/lib/libpslib.so.1 -> libpslib.so.1.0.1*

[urata]$ chcon -c -v -R -u system_u -r object_r -t textrel_shlib_t /ast/ipp/2.5.1/default.linux/lib/libpslib.so.1.0.1 context of /ast/ipp/2.5.1/default.linux/lib/libpslib.so.1.0.1 changed to system_u:object_r:textrel_shlib_t

[uratan]$ ./ppImage USAGE: ppImage [-file INPUT.fits] [-list INPUT.txt] OUTPUT

Optional arguments:

-stats STATS.mdc: Output statistics into STATS.mdc -isfringe: The input image contains fringe data. -isdark: The input image contains dark data. -usemask MASKVAL: Use this mask value (override recipe). -chip CHIPNUM: Only process this chip number. -norm VALUE: Divide through by this value when done.

Input options (single file / file list):

-bias/-biaslist: Bias image. -dark/-darklist: Dark image. -shutter/-shutterlist: Shutter image. -flat/-flatlist: Flat image. -mask/-masklist: Mask image. -fringe/-fringelist: Fringe image and data.