Current Tasks for the IPP Team

  • Storage Distribution is still sub-optimal (Serge)
    • short term : better query to get to problem machines faster?
      • load by machine?
      • Serge improved the speed of the current shuffle query
      • Still not making much head-way -- why?
    • long term
      • Serge to write up list of desired feature additions
      • add 'target key' info to storage object
  • Background noise patterns and false positives (Chris, Gene)
    • as of 2012.01.30
      • Chris determined that main structure comes from cell offsets
      • Chris modified the 'pattern' correction to match cell edge
      • g-band stack test run (don't know the results yet)
    • working group of Nigel, Gene, Chris, John, Doug
      • make sure background-fixed image is on distribution server (done)
      • visual inspection of the footprint stack
      • Chris inspected and found that the offset cells dominated
      • Nigel & Peter are going to give a list of issues
    • put together an assessment of the problem. some possible issues:
      • streakies (signature is row-by-row structure)
      • dark / persistence (signature is elevated flux in special areas)
      • non-linearity correction failures (signature is elevated edge pixels or cells)
      • stack rejection problems
      • sky gradients (terrestrial)
      • moon glints or equivalent?
      • other issues we have not already seen?
  • Inclusion of ubercal in the Grand Reprocessing (Gene)
    • plan for ubercal & relphot -> DVO is clear
      • code in place and tested, waiting for final verification from Eddie S.
      • up-to-date dvo db is rsync-ing (nearly done)
    • plan for DVO -> PSPS needs Roy
    • plan for stack header updates?
    • Gene & Roy meet Tue 1/10 to plan better I/O of DVO keys (done)
  • Forced photometry / detectability server (Bill)
    • fix the simple stack problem
    • path for the update problems
  • Desires by Transients team (Mark)
    • fix convolution direction
    • all MDS historical data reprocessed with V3
    • generate nightly stacks
    • psphot (single) on nightly stacks
    • calibrate (Gene)
  • Extended source photometry
    • testing by David Th & Nigel
  • Information/Documentation
    • DRAVG is going to organize FAQ

stuff below is old and needs to be updated

Top Priority Tasks

*Zoology of False Positive Dections

*Processing Throughput

Grand Reprocessing and PSPS ingest

Standard Processing

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(DRAVG Issues and Concerns)

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Eugene Magnier

  • MD reference catalog for astrometry & phtometry
  • modify aperture
  • photometry & astrometry db tests
  • psphot work

Serge Chastel

Heather Flewelling

  • ssp
    • finish ingest of jt's ssp
    • compare to what's on atrc and give feedback to steph
    • work with jt to get monsta script and to process ssp (I have the scripts, need to automate them,etc)
    • switch to datastore for grabbing files when ssp/uip computer gets sorted out
    • when switched to datastore add ssp to summitcopy/registration
    • do not forget to check changes into svn
  • uip - set that up as well (summitcopy/registration) - the uip machine is not ready yet
  • gpc1 dvodbs
    • continue building ThreePi?/LAP, backing up as necessary
      • do testing of changes to dvodb (LAP needs separated cam/ssky stages)
      • new LAP.20120809 dvodb
      • ThreePi?: restart building/merging it when gene gives me the dvodb
    • build sas and md04 dvodb for roy
  • liason
    • help niall get isp data
    • help matt
    • help eric with isp
  • U band stacks with Gene/John
  • ISP
    • finish investigations of isp raw image problems and fix
      • gpc1 and others likely have similar problems, how do we proceed for those!?
    • process data (going backwards)
    • filter out/catalog bad processings (figure out why if possible)
    • ingest the good exposures into a dvodb for testing
    • fix the rest of the isp.raw* tables to have comments and alt az (these are in the fits header, they were not put in by registration, this is fixable)
    • fix the astrometry - it is not awesome

Roy Henderson

  • ippToPsps:
    • loading to PSPS of new LAP data, as well as nightly data
    • work on IPP to PSPS test-loop with Serge and Mark
    • fill-in missing fields in stack tables, with help from Chris
    • work on better code to poll ODM, get status and delete batches that have been merged
  • czartool
    • neb slow logs

Mark Huber

  • MD.GR0
    • refstacks (MD08 not until ~April) and full nightly stack reprocessing (MD01,02,03,05,07 outstanding)
    • deep stacks and staticsky -- focused on overly large convolved stack PSF problem, also heavy memory use
  • transients groups
    • Diffim photometry DIFF_* and flags2 checking for Larry/MOPS use and for cutting brighter star residual detections with static transients
    • ppSub convolution direction choice for SSdiffs (monitoring)
    • ppSub/ppStack testing -- focused on the PSF matching/convolution
  • DRAVG minutes

Bill Sweeney

  • support MD06 background correction studies
  • find a way to make magicDSRuns in state failed_revert visible so that they get taken care of.
  • videocell photometry Pavlos
  • monitor STS processing
  • event tracking for pstamp storage / cleanup
  • make sure all reference stack files are replicated
  • destreaked smf replication
  • ipp005 has both instances??

Chris Waters

  • Build new dark using better dark model code.
  • Organize LAP processing better.
  • Alter LAP to skip quickstacks when we shouldn't need to use them. Add ability to use update method to avoid reprocessing.
  • DONE: inverse sinh for output
  • DONE: clipping in stacks
    • data quality : save results in db
    • some issues in the detectability server
      • fix outputs to include all cmf fields (forked off to MWV)
    • old burntool is blocked by funpack errors (mostly fixed, but a few funpack failures still exist)