IPP Engineering Documents

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The documents below have been copied from the Pan-STARRS Document Server IPP Pages. Since the Pan-STARRS Document Server is access restricted, we are making these documents available here for interested parties.

PSDC number Title
PSDC-400 Reports
PSDC-400-001-01 IfA/MHPCC IPP Pilot Project Testing and Performance Evaluation
PSDC-400-002-01 IfA/MHPCC IPP Pilot Project Software Issues and Code Evaluation
PSDC-400-003-00 IfA/MHPCC IPP Pilot Project: IfA Overview
PSDC-400-004-00 Proposal for the Pilot Project Engine/Architecture
PSDC-400-005-00 Pilot Project Phase 2 Testing of 1/20/2004 Delivery
PSDC-400-006-00 Pan-STARRS Synthetic Photometry Catalog PS1 3pi Survey Source Count Predictions
Computational Challenge IPP Computational Challenge (mis-referenced as PSDC-400-006 in PSDC-430-014
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PSDC-410 Specifications
PSDC-410-001-01 IfA/MHPCC IPP Pilot Project Software Requirements Specification (SRS )
PSDC-410-002-00 IfA/MHPCC IPP Pilot Project Algorithm Description Document (ADD )
PSDC-410-003-00 IfA/MHPCC IPP Pilot Project Software Design Description (SDD), Phase 3
PSDC-410-004-00 IfA/MHPCC IPP Pilot Project Software Version Description (SVD), Phase 3
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PSDC-420 PS1
PSDC-420-001-00 IfA/MHPCC PS1 IPP Configuration Control Board (CCB) Charter
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PSDC-430 PS1 Specifications and Design Descriptions
PSDC-430-001-00 IfA/MHPCC PS1 IPP Software Development Plan (SDP)
PSDC-430-002-00 IfA/MHPCC PS1 IPP Software Test Plan (STP)
PSDC-430-003-00 IfA/MHPCC Pan-STARRS IPP Software Configuration Management Plan (SCMP)
PSDC-430-004-01 Pan-STARRS IPP C Code Conventions
PSDC-430-005-01 Pan-STARRS PS1 IPP Software Requirements Specification (SRS)
PSDC-430-006-12 Pan-STARRS PS1 Image Processing Pipeline Algorithm Design Description (IPP ADD)
PSDC-430-007-21 Pan-STARRS PS1 IPP Library Supplementary Design Requirements
PSDC-430-008-07 Pan-STARRS PS1 IPP Software Design Description (SDD)
PSDC-430-009-09 IfA/MHPCC Image Processing Pipeline PSLib Software Version Description (SVD)
PSDC-430-010-07 IfA/MHPCC IPP PS Modules Software Version Description (SVD)
PSDC-430-011-01 Pan-STARRS PS1 IPP System Concept Design (SCD)
PSDC-430-012-11 Pan-STARRS PS1 IPP Modules Supplementary Design Requirements Specification (SDRS)
PSDC-430-014-00 Pan-STARRS PS1 IPP System/Subsystem Design Description (SSDD)