Summary of long term node use -- for short-term use, refer to email/meeting discussions and Czarlog notes

ipps00-s04, ipps05-14: MD.PV3 processing (MEH 20160509) and see ipptopsps related node use below

ippc29: MD development node, mysql (MEH 20160509)

ippx061: Appears to be running Rob Weryk's code (as of 2016-08-03) -- see Gene/Rob's emails in June for upper ippx node use... Rob finished (20160825)

stare00-stare04: CZW processing nodes to run potentially intensive things on a host that isn't ippc19.

ipptopsps related node use: -- ongoing from 20160801 to end of year

ippc106: ippc106 was out of processing since logins broken -- works now but using for QUB processing