Preparations for the Grand Reprocessing

(Up to Current Tasks)

This page lists tasks to be completed before the Grand Reprocessing can begin.

The following are algorithmic or other blocking tasks that must be completed before GR can start:

  • Finalize Static Masks
  • Address increased Magic Masking since 8/23 modifications
  • Internal Calibration of reference catalog
  • log-flux output for 3pi stacks
  • Hardware installation: wave 1 refurb
  • Diff photometry check
  • Other metadata needs, especially fields needed by PSPS
    • PSF_QF_PERFECT vs PSF_QF inconsistencies

Additional operational improvements that do not affect the science result:

  • tool to automate re-burntooling of old data

If you want to add suggestions, go to the Grand Reprocessing Wish List.