IPP Progress Report for the week 2009.09.06 - 2009.09.12

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Eugene Magnier

We've been working on getting things ready for processing again. After Chris and John Tonry finalized some burntool interface issues, Heather started running burntool on the all of the Run 3 data, starting with the nights that contain images from first MD09 and next MD10, which are highest priority to get out to the consortium. She has been running the processing on the data when possible after the burntool analysis is done. This is a major time sync, so we really hope this is the last iteration on burntool, and we hope to have it run by the summit systems soon.

I've been continuing work on the extended sources and on addressing some of the psphot bugs that have been reported. I integrated the new radial profile / petrosian parameter extraction code with the rest of the psphot code base. I spent some time tracking down 0.5pixel inconsistencies -- these basically only affected the display and reported positions, but it is important to clear up these definition inconsistencies. I have also focused on making an optimal choice for the moments windowing, which is necessary to ensure the psf-like objects are used for the psf model. Finally, I've been addressing the extended-source / cosmic-ray classification code. This work is still on my branch, but I hope to merge with the main line early next week.

I've also spent some time this week on documentation and cleaning up the wiki. One big task in this area was making the PSDC and other PS Project web page IPP documents visible to the world on via the IPP wiki. I've also tried to clean up some of the wiki pages to make it clearer what documentation we already have (and thus add weight to the missing documents). As part of this, these Progress reports are now available on the wiki at http://svn.pan-starrs.ifa.hawaii.edu/trac/ipp/wiki/IPP_Progress_Reports.

Heather Flewelling

  • copied my home files from 004backup to either 053home or to a good place for data
  • restarted replication pantasks on ipp user
  • investigated MD09.20090904 processing from last week
  • burntooled MD09 and MD10 dates
  • found instances where burntool burns files out of order
  • while burntooling (and with lots of NFS glitches) pushed the load on 041 to 130. YIKES.
  • found corrupted raw image file
    • copied both copies (the corrupted and the uncorrupted) to a safe place, neb-culled the corrupted file, neb-replicated the good file
  • processed MD09 through to warp stage
  • started MD09 stacking
  • added processing status to wiki

Bill Giebink

This week I finished locating and making notes on code causing seg faults and aborts from the psLib tap tests. I started fixing tests and hopefully my work will still be there when ipp000 comes back up.

I also spent some time looking for some cards for Jim Heasley at MHPCC, but didn't find what he wanted. And I started working with Heather to script the characterization of the reduction process.

Paul Price

  • Detection efficiency: branches/pap
    • Measure magnitude bias from fake sources
    • Discovered bug in statistics on fake source magnitudes: psphotFitLinear and psphotMagnitudes sort the source list)
    • Fixed radius of fake sources (pmReadoutFake)
    • I/O through FITS table in CMF file (chipname.deteff)
    • Optimised through convolving only the pixels of interest
    • Contributes 1.4 sec of 66 sec psphot run time (on 6k square warp, unthreaded, optimised on ipp022)
    • Ready to merge into trunk
  • MOPS support
    • Compiled Magic for Jan Kleyna to test comets
    • Magic does not compile with recent gcc (4.3.2 doesn't work; 4.1.2 does); mentioned this to Paul Sydney previously, but no response yet
  • Processing
    • Discovered that MD09.20090904 was done without PATTERN turned on
  • Stack/Diff convolutions
    • Assisting Draper/Metcalfe (stack) and MWV/Huber (diff) investigations
    • Wrote up stamp selection algorithm for ps-ipp-users
    • Fixed ppStack so that extended sources can't be used as stamps for PSF matching

Bill Sweeney

Bill spent the week preparing the postage stamp server for general availability.

  • created a web page to allow users to upload a postage stamp request table for testing
  • modified the request form page to use a session to make it more user friendly
  • added user authentication to the pstamp site
  • fixed various bugs uncovered in testing
  • wrote some wiki pages for describing how to create requests files
  • lots of testing
  • started updating instructions on installing the ipp data store software

Chris Waters

  • tracked down spurious supernova transients for Armin Rest, and determined that they were not burntool related.
  • merged my svn branch to the trunk, adding the cleanup, addstar stage, and burntool tools.
  • fixed all known bugs arising from that merge.
  • worked with John Tonry on implementing different noise thresholds for burntool. Have not determined that the current value of 20 isn't already good enough.
  • attempted to implement a burntool_state variable in the register stage.
  • gave a talk.