IPP Progress Report for the week 2009.11.23 - 2009.11.27

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Eugene Magnier

This week was short with several people taking an extra day or two holiday along with Thanksgiving. We (mostly Heather) got some processing done, more-or-less keeping up with the nightly science data (what there was), and nearly finishing off re-processing of the MD data. I have been digging into ppSub + psphot interaction issues. I started to work with a set of images from the Run 4 3pi survey data, but decided to narrow my scope a bit to make faster progress. I generated a pair of images for the simtest camera with the same pointing and stars, but with a small number of additional stars in one image (fake transients). The small size allows me to run through the ppSub + psphot steps quickly including visualization. I wanted to check if the choice of Poisson or constant errors had a significant impact on the photometric consistency, but the choice of weighting was not the smoking gun I had hoped; I am still investigating the impact of PSF-mismatch on the photometry. I am still not certain what are the sources of error in the difference photometry. I did identify a couple of second-level bugs (important, but not the main concern), and some other issues that I will continue to explore in the coming week. In particular, the dual convolution analysis seems to result in a more-deviant output PSF than the single convolution, for very similar input PSFs.

Heather Flewelling

  • processed md03, md10, md07
    • md10 and md03 are distributed
    • md07 needs to be debugged and stacked
  • investigated/reverted md09 processing faults from the weekend
  • built ipp on c18, ran simtest on c18-19.
  • worked on mask statistics (waiting for scripts to run)
  • vacation wed/thur/fri!

Bill Giebink

  • Worked with Tom and Steph to make accelerometer data available outside of PS1 via VNC.
  • Set up and tested Mark Chun's DIMM with Jeff.
  • Looked into configuration changes that are causing psLib TAP tests to fail.

Roy Henderson

  • Background work on IPP -> PSPS interface
    • discussions with Conrad, read docs/specs
    • ran DVO with a Db supplied by Bill, tried-out plotting/visualisation
    • looked into cfitsio lib. Wrote a little C++ program to try it out
    • looked into structure of DVO database directories and files
    • familiarised myself with FITS viewing programs ds9 and fv

Paul Price

  • On vacation

Bill Sweeney

  • Spent this week studying DVO implementation to prepare to help out with the IPP-PSPS interface
  • Reworked command line arguments to dvoImagesAtCoords to make it more flexible
  • integrated new script whichimage (suggestions for better name are welcome). This program uses dvoImagesAtCoords to determine which "image" in a collection contains a given point on the sky. Collection here, is DVO database or smf file where DVO database of course includes our tesselation directories. By default whichimage searches all that are defined in the site configuration.
  • various minor changes to the postage stamp server implementation.

Chris Waters

  • Nebulous: Implemented a number of bug fixes and modifications to ensure no loss of data.
    • Each volume can now be associated into a cabinet, defining their physical arrangement.
    • File creation: new files without a specified volume are created on a random volume from a subset of the N least full.
    • Replication: file replication uses the same volume selection method, with the constraints that a copy not be automatically placed on the same volume as another, and that the first copy not be housed within the same volume.
    • Cull: instead of removing the first available instance, first attempt to remove an instance on the same volume as another, then attempt to remove an instance in the same cabinet as another, and then remove the first only if those fail.
    • Corrected bug that prevented the deletion of an object if it had more than one unavailable instance.
    • Fixed nebdiskd to synchronize between volume->mountedvol tables and to properly remove volumes that were no longer accessible.