IPP Progress Report for the week 2010.02.22 - 2010.02.26

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Eugene Magnier

Heather Flewelling

Bill Giebink

Roy Henderson

  • PSPS loading:
    • time wasted trying to load with no 'init' batch - knew nothing about init batch...
    • photoCalIDs not validating: PSPS expecting 1,2,3,4... DVO gives 10401,10402,10403,10404,10405,10406...
    • problem with ippObjID: not unique due to my error in ippToPsps code: fixed
    • debugging DVO for source of duplicate objIDs. Traced back to known prob in psphot generating >1 detections for one object
    • flux issue - numbers too big. Changes made.
    • started work on the creation of the 'init' batch (see above). Make sense for ippToPsps to generate this
    • more work on script to parse PSPS schema

Paul Price

  • Added ability for publishing mechanism to require magicked inputs, except for stack-stack diffs.
  • Investigated ThreePi?.Run5c.20100217 warp failures. No failure found to reproduce when retried manually. Suspect problems writing files due to Nebulous concurrency problem: files get written (somewhere?), but not recorded.
  • Fixed bug in setting FPA.ZP in psastro: was set to nominal ZP, rather than calculated ZP (trunk@26964).
  • Correct zero point in ppStack for change in exposure time (trunk@27036); not correct yet.
  • Fixed camera_exp.pl and warp_skycell.pl to check PSASTRO recipe for whether to expect dynamic masks (required for simtest).
  • Fixed ppSub and pmSubtractionMatchPrecalc so that subkernel files are written for 'new' and read for 'update'
  • Set diff_mode for old data.
  • Deleting old input and reference convolved images
  • Fixed assertion failures in psastro and pswarp from not closing files.
  • Publishing data to MOPS, including old data.
  • Diagnosed warp failures. Reworked error handling for pswarp.
  • Attempted to fix error handling to catch missing configuration dump files from ppStack (and others).
  • Fixed introduced error in stack configuration output

Bill Sweeney

Chris Waters