IPP Progress Report for the week 2010.04.26 - 2010.04.30

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Eugene Magnier

I've continued to work on the extended source analysis, with particular emphasis on the convolved aperture fluxes. I have updated the code to output all of the correct petrosian values, the surface brightness in annular rings, and the integrated flux in the same annular rings. I've made comparisons of all three against SDSS 'photo' (using SDSS images for MD04 as the reference data set). The psphot measurements on average agree well with photo values. There are some outliers which will warrant some investigation. I have started to move on to the integration of this work with the psf convolution code used for ppSub & ppStack.

I have also spent some time cleaning up our collection of old bugs in 'trac'. Many of the bugs have already been addressed and can be closed. Others require simple fixes to address. Beyond that, I've cleaned up the collection of 'components' known to trac to make it easier to use the bug tracker.

Heather Flewelling

  • addstar merging
    • addstar minidbs - I think this is done, pending minor debugging
    • addstar minidb merging - writing the addtool -arguments, need to write the scripts and such
  • answering ifaps1 user requests
  • sick friday

Bill Giebink

  • Installed larger memory stick in ipp037 RAID card
  • Swapped in new set of memory and reseated SATA cables to get ipp018 up
  • More time on integrating PS2 dome & RoboDIMM

Roy Henderson

  • PSPS
    • Lots of data loading, which highlighted various minor issues through the week.
    • Frequent reloading of failed batches necessitated a script to determine exposure ID from job number. Need to track this better.
    • Changed photoCal values in initialization batch to reflect codes used in IPP. Zero-points in place, everything else 0.0 for now.
  • IPP
    • More on 'czartool' script: now checks server status and compares labels across stdscience and distribution.
    • Astrometry crval1 & 2 values: 0.0s were coming through to PSPS as NULLs: Fixed (0.0 is valid per chip on gpc1)
    • Script to parse DVO phot codes into XML format for PSPS initialisation batch
    • Created a new batch type within ippToPsps for creating test data for Jim to use for testing astrometry/photometry calculations

Paul Price

  • Noise model fix:
    • Verified stack noise model: weighted average of covariance matrices, with weights set to inverse mean variance.
    • Shepherding magic verification data through fixed pipeline (magictest.20100423.%)
    • Investigating fix to pswarp to correct image and covariance scale using Jacobian rather than single value appropriate for entire FPA; needs more thought
    • New magic streaks have a wide distribution of ratios relative to the old magic streaks, with a median around a factor of a few, and extending out to more than 30. In terms of numbers, the median is about 500, compared to around 150.
    • Discovered that at least least one chip (XY57) has multiple cells (clustered around xy66) with bad gains (2--4 e/ADU, compared to ~1 for the rest of the cells) that is producing LOTS of streaks.
    • These bad gains appear to be present in data taken on sky April 19th. Sidik says we shouldn't trust the gains much at all since they are from a single x-ray measurement that was taken a long time ago (though there have been no voltage adjustments that would change the gains): FITS keyword comment is "est. gain from xray events c4923g0003X"
    • The exposure with the most streaks (2231 total) has most of the streaks on the edges of cells and masked regions on almost every skycell. These appear to be due to DetectStreaks? not masking CONV.BAD (commented out)!
    • Gain problem disappears when masking CONV.BAD
    • Actually, many problems appear to be the use of an old version of DetectStreaks?. Bathtub rings are now the main contaminants.
    • Blowing away these magic results to re-run

Bill Sweeney

  • Deployed update postage stamp server with ability to queue updates of cleaned up data.
  • with help of Jan Kleyna ran ~50000 requests through the system debugging problems along the way
  • Came up with an idea for how we can manage priority of processing for the postage stamp server and IPP processing in general. Prototyped it with the postage stamp server and it seems to be simple and effective. Final "design" is under way.
  • Found some problems with destreak cleanup/update with regard to the camera mask files. Decided to not delete this data in the future.

Chris Waters

  • More work moving stand-alone detectability server code integrated with postage stamp server
  • Completed working subroutines to calculate mask fraction and code revision history. Need to merge this with the trunk.