IPP Progress Report for the week 2010.05.17 - 2010.05.21

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Eugene Magnier

Heather Flewelling

  • more addtool/minidvodb work. down to a finite number of outstanding tasks
  • ifaps1 questions answered

Bill Giebink

Roy Henderson

  • PSPS
    • Confusion over ra/dec ranges and corresponding Db slices. Now only slices for > -30 dec
    • IN batch issues: discussions as to whether to keep old for historical comparison
    • Wrote up a design (on IPP wiki) for a framework of a recovery system, based on conversations with Conrad
    • Schema changes:
      • survey name added to Survey table in IN batch
      • surveyID added to SkinnyObject
      • 64-bit (instead of 32-bit) ints for flags
  • IPP
    • Updated 'photCode' parsing script to extract extinction values. Also updated with new zero points.
    • Now logging jobID and corresponding exposureID for auditing purposes. Ultimately, this will be stored in the Db.
    • Now populating detection flags from smf as well as pulling extra flags from DVO
    • surveyID stuff: pulling the right thing from IPP encoding in for PSPS

Paul Price

  • Streaks in detector coordinates:
    • Added magic clusters input for ppCoord
    • Added 'exposure' mode for magictool to get astrometry file given magic_id
    • Modified magic_process.pl to run ppCoord on streaks and clusters
    • Sped up ppCoord using the 'WCS' file type (doesn't read sources in SMF file)
  • Removed "FPA.OBS" --- was only used to generate warnings, was generating lots; no need for it
  • Background restoration
    • Proof of concept with current tools: can restore pattern row at warp stage using ppVizPattern, ppImage, pswarp, ppArith
    • Planned pipeline design with Gene, developed draft workflow
  • MOPS support
    • Updated ICD with new fields (some long promised, others from Gene's recent work to provide statistics for weeding out bad subtractions)
    • Updated ppMops to provide new fields
    • Designing interface for providing detection efficiencies
    • Decided with Larry to adopt an 'SMF-like' interface format, where IPP concatenates diff CMF files into a single FITS file, with duplicates (from overlapping skycells) removed; this removes complications in providing (and reading) detection efficiencies
  • Magic recertification: ran w and y data through pipeline for verification
    • No streaks missed
    • w-band observations (from SweetSpot) have significantly more (false?) streaks identified
  • Investigating centroid problem in diff photometry from Dave Young
    • Some SNe have centroids off by ~ 2 arcsec
    • Seems to be due to very flat tops on (S/N)2 images so that peak can be on the side, and the peak is then set more or less set in stone as the position
    • PSF_MOMENTS_RADIUS wasn't getting into psphotReadoutMinimal; this also fixes the anti-dipole statistics
  • Writing PSF-matching paper

Bill Sweeney

  • Did some work insuring that the error codes returned by the postage stamp server for data

that is damaged or otherwise unavailable correctly reflect the situation.

  • Updated pstamp_check_dependent to handle some error conditions encountered processing some requests.
  • updated the pending update queries to wait until corresponding magicDSRun's have been cleaned up.
  • Updated chip stage configuration and script to allow the raw images that have older burntool tables to be re-processed by 'update'.
  • Built a dvo database of recent exposures for Eric Morganson of MPIA.
  • Investigated query about incorrect stamp sizes from users. (The sizes were fine the coordinates were near a skycell boundary and we don't yet have overlapping MD skycells)
  • Updated the postage stamp server interface control document (ICD). It is version 1 now.
  • wrote a new postage stamp request file generator that has an interface that is easier to use.

Chris Waters

  • mask fractions: Debugged all stages and merged branch. Change to behavior of camera stage (calculate stats for both 3.0 degree field and maximum unvignetted field) means this isn't implemented yet.
  • exposure level JPEGs: Need to finish database interactions still, but jpegs are being created correctly.