IPP Progress Report for the week 2010.12.27 - 2010.12.31

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Eugene Magnier

Serge Chastel

Heather Flewelling

Heather spent the week investigating/tweaking/testing the new static mask (with magic). Heather ran into multiple problems as czar, and spent more than she would like on burntool/registration problems. Heather also worked with JT this week to process the missing MD stacks (stacks that should exist, but for some reason, do not).

Roy Henderson


  • ippToPsps
    • continued to debug last remaining failed detection batches, changed ippToPsps to ignore crazy IPP detID values found in some frames
    • finally processed last remaining exposures that had previously failed, and loaded to the datastore. Now processing new exposures.
    • tried to load to PSPS, but hit problems
    • added to ippToPsps documentation regarding re-factoring last week
  • PSVO
    • incorporated SAMP communication into PSVO application: can successfully connect and send messages to TOPCAT, or other VO clients
    • parsing data types from SOAP query results and converting them to VOTable friendly form
    • now have a working version of PSVO that can query PSPS and plot the results in TOPCAT


  • found and fixed bug in DVO access functions: was not checking for bogus IPP_IDET values
  • shared czar duties with Heather all week. Generally very little data due to weather, and when there was any, burntool/registration failed

Bill Sweeney

Chris Waters