IPP Progress Report for the week 2011.05.09 - 2011.05.13

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Eugene Magnier

Serge Chastel

  • MOPS czar
  • Trained Denver for MOPS czaring
  • ippdb01 is now replicated on ippdb03. Unfortunately replicating ippdb03 on ipp001 seems to be a bit more tricky than expected (well... it doesn't work now).
  • Little progress on apache balancing

Heather Flewelling

  • downloaded crazy amounts of everything from sdss to make plots
  • extracted crazy amounts of everything from our 3pi dvodb to make plots
  • making plots

Roy Henderson

Only one day of work this week, spent finishing off the loading work as well as some preparation for the Boston PSPS session with Jim.

Bill Sweeney

Chris Waters

  • LAP bugs: Fix laptool -exposures to handle quality issues in a sane manner. This allows us to use quality issues to drop exposures that aren't worth using. This should also reject exposures with faulty database information. Fixed issue that was queuing diffs for unpaired exposures (resulting in nothing to do).
  • Stacking: Looked at why ugly features were being left behind around bright stars. It appears that bright stars tend to be masked more often (due to video cells), and this limits the number of valid input pixels for these features. In addition, the MD observing pattern caused certain artifacts to reinforce between multiple exposures. This led to a fraction of bad inputs larger than the expected 20% ppStack tries to reject. Because some of the artifacts were being incompletely rejected, some of their signal was left on the final stack.
  • Prepare slides for Boston meeting.