IPP Progress Report for the week 2011.06.20 - 2011.06.24

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Eugene Magnier

Serge Chastel

  • MOPS czar
  • Script giving status of MOPS data in IPP
  • LAP monitor pages (alpha)
  • Meeting with Roy and Mark for IPP-PSPS data

Heather Flewelling

  • czar 2 days - first day was finicky - lots of red on the czarboard (not really sure why that day was bad). We discovered we need to remove LAP while doing nightly science processing.
  • ifaps1
  • ThreePi? dvodb
    • some enhancements of addtool and tasks related to addtool
    • queueing up merge of minidvodbs
    • some ideas on how to better manage merging of minidvodbs (not yet coded)
    • new tag on ippdvo (the account that runs addstar)
  • isp
  • sick part of the day Friday

Roy Henderson

  • PSVO
    • new thread-class for writing to Derby. Now all queries and updates, whether to PSPS, MOPS or Derby, are handled polymorphically
    • added new timing thread for all queries. Now have a running clock (total time is also maintained for reference)
    • Derby database is now named after username, so multiple users can use the same program without conflict
    • program was occasionally losing connection to local Derby Db: fixed
    • added a new plug-in query menu for Derby. Two queries so far: get tables; describe tables
    • disabled ability to close a query tab if still running a query
    • looked into using Thomas' extended properties with PSVO
  • IPP to PSPS
    • discussions with Mark and Serge about the IPP->PSPS test loop
    • collected some test data for Serge: a P2 frame loaded to the MD04 PSPS database
    • adapted the PSPS schema parsing script to generate wiki table format in order to publish missing fields from IPP
    • completed mammoth task of detailing how we derive each and every field for PSPS tables from IPP. Finished all detection and all stack tables.
    • began to update documentation for ippToPsps after all the changes prior to Boston trip
  • czartool
    • changed czarpoll query to get faults for a given stage: now also checks for failed_revert to catch destreak-stage failures
    • cleaned-up IPP metrics: missing lunations, index file was not listing everything
  • some PSPS user help

Bill Sweeney

  • Modified the program staticskytool's definebyquery mode to support some functionality required for LAP processing and to correctly queue staticsky runs for nightly stacks. Queued runs for the LAP.ThreePi?.test data set (overlaps stripe 82).
  • wrote a quick script to queue staticskyruns for LAP. (will write survey task soon)
  • Responded to a question about the ability to make postage stamps with pixels from multiple input image files. This falls outside the capabilities of the current server but is a logical thing for a user to want: "I want a picture of my favorite galaxy can't get it from the postage stamp server because it is split up over 5 skycells.
  • Added feature to print skycell coordinates to the program whichimage and modified the skycell calculator on the postage stamp web server to use it.
  • Created a new tessellation for MD07 which is compatible with the current field center and the older one. MD07.V3.
  • Set up the distribution tables for subsequent versions of LAP processing.
  • Built a program and web page that work together to allow the smf for a given camera run to be downloaded. This is being used by Dave Monet on the IPP Manoa cluster to gather detections from exposures that had previously been posted to the data store but were accidentally cleaned up.
  • For David Thilker's investigation to potentially improve background correction around large objects built a postage stamp request to post the chip data products for the last 24 exposures in each of the 5 filters for MD04 and MD06.
  • One day as processing czar.

Chris Waters

  • Stacking: ran verification test that the new stack rejection code was working properly. This seems to be the case, although the code is significantly slower than the old code. Will need to work on speed improvements.
  • Off-night differencing: Added handler to nightly science code to attempt to construct off night diffs within a lunation. This still needs to be tested and confirmed to work properly.
  • Czar: built new tag incorporating new stacking as well as changes from Gene's branch.
  • LAP: Began LAP processing and planned a full year schedule assuming there are no major problems. Tested LAP cleanup, and identified issue preventing LAP exposure sharing between runs.
  • Out one day due to illness.