IPP Progress Report for the week 2011.10.10 - 2011.10.14

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Eugene Magnier

  • Lots of catch up after the end of my long vacation
  • continued worked on the blue L dwarfs paper

Serge Chastel

  • MD04. Identified discrepancies between trunk and tag (condor uses tag now). About 1/3 done (mainly edges). See http://ippmonitor.ipp.ifa.hawaii.edu/ippMonitor/stackProcessedSkyfile_Images.php for label condor_MD04.V3_01.
  • MD07. Stopped at fake stage. MD07.V3 tessellation was not in ippdor config files.
  • ippdb02 is still optimizing table instance of nebulous database.
  • Studying diff.pro for diff implementation with condor.

Heather Flewelling

  • sick 2 days
  • worked with Serge on condor
    • stack is broken in the trunk but works fine for current ipp-tag
    • investigated some of the failures for condor/ipptasks
  • worked with Jim on MD stacks
  • sent Ken Chambers information on false detections

Roy Henderson

  • ippToPsps development:
    • changes to ODM polling script to check subsets of batches, eg unloaded, un-merge_worthy or unmerged batches
    • after talking with Sue, I am now assuming all OnHold batches have failed
    • 'cleanup' and ODM polling scripts now run on a timer, i.e. they run every n hours
  • PSVO development:
    • new class to limit how many rows are shown in the table after a slow query (to save memory)
    • fixed bug where query time was sometimes shown as NULL. Final query time now remembered and shown in info bar
    • TableModels now constructed within query thread so that timer gives accurate measure of total time taken
    • introduced a splash screen to improve loading
    • added a history table to local Derby database: all queries are stored here as well as number of rows returned, query time etc
    • added plugin queries to view and delete your history
  • Loading to PSPS:
    • worked with Sue over duplicated stacks in merge: from previous screw-up with multi-client version of ippToPsps
    • yet more failed attempts to figure out batches lost after DXLayer file deletion
    • checked newly merged data, and updated PSPS news page with lots of plots
  • Other:
    • sick on Monday
    • some pspshelp support
    • ran metrics code for last couple of lunations. Need to automate this at some point

Mark Huber

  • MD reprocessing -- still limited to stacks (reference, sample nightly and now deep stacks)
    • documentation summary continued
    • MD04 refstacks and sample nightly stacks distributed. A pantasks server setup for deep stacks and tested with MD05 refstacks. A 300 input warp deep stack of skycell.055 in the i-band tested and distributed while the rest of the skycells were processing. Tests of >300 deep stacks failing.
    • MD05 refstacks and sample nightly stacks finished, checked and distributed.
    • samples of skycell.055 with different number of input warps made and distributed of MD03,04,05 for comparison
  • ppSub auto convolution direction testing continued
  • psphotStack testing on SAS stack sample revised and sent to David Thilker for comparisons.

Bill Sweeney

  • Completed version 1 of the video photometry stage. We can now process data in bulk automatically. Notified the customer.
  • Investigated the behavior of ppStack convolved images for M31. For some reason the convolved stars are blowing up to > 10 pixel psf even though all of the inputs are < 5 pixels. The behavior gets worse more inputs that we have. This is one of the causes of the M31 magic problems.

Chris Waters

  • LAP: Identified what LAP czaring involves, and wrote documentation detailing how to determine the state and fix problems in the processing. Various bugfixes for minor inconveniences.
  • Stare: Confirmed that new stare handling code does the right thing.
  • Diskspace: Reworked neb-repair and targeting shuffle to be more robust and deal with newly identified problem files. Did a quick accounting of diskspace to confirm that the majority of disk space used over the past month can be accounted for based on the number of jobs launched. Cleaned old STS data that had the retention time set to a very large number. Changed that number back to match other surveys.