IPP Progress Report for the week 2011-10-24 to 2011-10-30

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Eugene Magnier

Serge Chastel

  • ganglia for sensors
  • ippdb02 replication
  • czar on Tuesday and Thursday

Heather Flewelling

  • vacation

Roy Henderson

  • sick for 2.5 days
  • started old 3PI loading to PSPS, this involved:
    • changes to main loading program to load old 3PI within certain ra/dec bounds. Started with RA 9-10 hrs
    • found corruption with 3PI DVO database, Gene pointed me to a backup
    • mix of old and new smf files meant KRON fields sometimes missing. Solution: no KRONs in any old data loaded to PSPS
    • set up (with Gavin's help) ipp045 for ippToPsps loading (scratch database etc)
    • investigated batches rejected from DXLayer: Carefully re-submitted them
  • Other ippToPsps development:
    • metrics program now estimates time to completion
    • fixed bug where nebulous failures were causing a crash. Exception is now caught and handled
    • fixed issue where stored procedures were not installed correctly by code
    • wrote program to set-up a scratch database, including installing the relevant stored procedures and init tables
  • Other:
    • czartool: fixed bug I introduced last week (pending stuff was being reported as complete)
    • added a description of old 3PI loading on the news page

Mark Huber

Spent majority of the week untangling LAP after a couple systems went down and keeping it running. Released MD04-g very deep test stack and started one for r-band. Continued to debug ppStack very deep stack and ppSub issues.

Bill Sweeney

This week was spent debugging various things and enhancing the ippTools to help keep LAP running smoothly.

  • Modified regtool to make it straightforward to mark a rawImfile as lost.
  • Added a mode to chiptool to make it straightforward to drop a chip that can not be processed by the update system.
  • The update processing for the postage stamp server just stopped working midweek. Debugged this for awhile. It seems that pantasks just got tired. Need to restart occasionally.
  • two days as processing czar
  • destreaked and bundled the SAS2 raw images for MPG. They are of interest to the EUCLID project.
  • helped a couple of users with some postage stamp problems.
  • one vacation day to complete painful change of residence.

Chris Waters

  • vacation