IPP Progress Report for the week 2011.12.19 - 2011.12.23

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Eugene Magnier

I've been working on DVO related issues. I have added code to ingest WISE and SuperCOSMOS data into the database. I am rsyncing the current 3pi database so I can work on calibrations issues without affecting the main 3pi DVO database. I am generating an SDSS DR7 database, and a separate one for WISE and SuperCOSMOS. With the ubercal zero points, this will put us in a good position to define a full astrometry + photometry reference database.

Serge Chastel

  • vacation

Heather Flewelling

  • addstar/dvodb work
    • investigated LAP corrupted destreaks - we ignore since it's 1% of the total.
    • this is currently being tested on the 'haf_addtest' database, I'm running this over the weekend (haf_addtest db, HAFTEST.MERGE minidvodb/mergedvodb, consisting of MD04.nightlyscience cam stage).
    • minidvodbRun/minidvodbProcessed now only handles the building of minidvodbs, and once the minidvodb is old or big enough, the -resort and relphot of them
    • mergedvodbRun/mergedvodbProcessed handles the actual merging of minidvodbs - this is done to make it simpler to merge again groups of minidvodbs, to do the merge process on a different machine from the building of minidvodbs, and to speed up the merging again of minidvodbs (-relphot/resort do not need to be rerun, saving time)
    • I have the commands to make changes to the db (tested on haf_addtest)
    • camera stage addstar grabs the correct smf (depending on whether it has been magicked or not, the smf filename is different).
  • liason
    • rsync'd LAP dvo to ipp022
    • helped tomo with ipp/dvo
    • tried to answer DM's questions
    • installed new ipp on ifaps1: should be transparent to users, they do not need to do anything to use the new one
  • things I'm doing next week (so I don't forget)
    • merging in the changes from my branch on addstar to the trunk
    • making the db changes for addstar
    • new version of ipp for ippdvo: I don't think we need to update the one on ipp's account because ipp doesn't do addstar/dvodb related things

Roy Henderson

  • PSVO
    • added cone and box searches that work on large surveys
    • added default values for parmeters in plugin queries
    • added color-color query
    • added color-magnitude query
    • added light-curve query - both for a region and a particular object
    • hugely sped-up schema-access code for query builder with smarter meta-data table query
    • flag mask dialog:
      • can choose from different flag sets
      • scroll-able list of flags you can select and generate a mask
      • insert mask directly into SQL
    • plug-in queries now have a new title field which includes user-substituted choices, this title is then passed along to TOPCAT etc, eg 'All 3PI g frames'
  • some work on PS1SC meeting workshop demos:
    • cone/box search
    • detection flags
    • light curves for AGNs Supernovae. Not too successful
  • updated PSPS news page after merge, complete with plots for new SA3 and MD4 surveys
  • some work tidying up the PSPS public wiki

Mark Huber

  • Czar Monday and Tuesday, spend most of the time untangling LAP. A little other time kicking LAP during the week.
  • MD06 chips and warps were in similar state with the loss of ipp064 so fixed those at the same time. Started the reference stack processing to run and monitor while on travel.
  • Setup SAS2, footprint reprocessing with ipp-20111110 tag for distribution.
  • Fed Roy some possible variables in MD04 for PSVO demo.
  • Vacation Friday.

Bill Sweeney

  • Completed implementation of the static sky calibration stage.
  • Wrote a web interface to enable retrieval of camera stage detections file for an exposure or camRun on demand. Eventually this will replace the current method of distribution for camera stage (and perhaps diff as well).
  • repaired video photometry outputs that were damaged in the loss of the RAID on ipp064.
  • two days as processing czar. (need to further automate rawImfile instance repair)

Chris Waters