IPP Progress Report for the week 2011.12.26 - 2011.12.30

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Eugene Magnier

More work on generating the various reference DVO databases. I started to work on code to merge the Ubercal zero points into our DVO database. I also ran more psphot tests of MD field data for Doug to continue exploring the faint end bias.

Serge Chastel

  • vacation

Heather Flewelling

  • merged addstar into trunk (missed a few files, svn merge not friendly)
  • installed new addstar changes to ippdvo
  • changed the gpc1 database for new addstar changes
  • restarted addstar (except for the final merge)
  • rsyncing ThreePi?.V3 to a safe place before restarting merge
  • discovered a bug in the code - this caused massive problems for new minidvodbs - rebuilding them (no problems with the big dvodb because they are not yet merged in)
  • training on how to build a booth, and various other tasks relating to AAS in Jan.
  • learned how to use condor to do JT MD again - paused because of various problems with the missing JTMDs (mostly to do with quality issues, there are reasons they were missed!)
  • rsync'd Threepi to ifaps1

Roy Henderson

  • more work for PS1SC meeting workshop: mostly code changes to PSVO and preparing demos
    • more work playing with color-color/color-mag diagrams
    • added sexagesimal to decimal converter dialog - used in plug-ins and main query panel
    • lots of GUI layout changes
    • fixed bug with slow queue table name
    • reorganized plugins
    • added menu option to refresh plugins
    • investigated BIGINT cast woes in MS SQL. No solution yet
    • both flag generator and ra/dec coords popups now accept selected text in query panel
    • more work on variable light curve: found good example for demo (supernova)

Mark Huber

  • Vacation Tuesday-Thursday.
  • MD06 refstack processing finished, in process of being verified. Then ran into extra trouble trying to distribute the data as various .kernel files had also gone missing. Fixed and finally distributed MD06. MD08 on hold while disk space balances out.
  • Forgot to add the MD04 staticsky run to distribution that was loaded into PSPS. All SAS2, footprint, MD04 loaded into PSPS and reprocessed sample should now be available. MD04, SAS2 DVOs that were loaded into PSPS put onto rsync server.
  • Backlog of RHEL patches applied to desktop that borked the display drivers and needed updating. At some point will need to do a proper install of SL and replace the dell RHEL.

Bill Sweeney

Chris Waters