IPP Progress Report for the week 2012.01.02 - 2012.01.06

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Eugene Magnier

PS1SC meeting took the bulk of the week. We had good conversations with folks about a variety of issues, especially the quality of the stacks, ubercal integration, and the photometry faint-end bias. We have good guidance going forward on the priorities of the consortium. The summary of our top development priorities is:

  • background structures in stacks
  • integration of the ubercal zero points
  • address detectability server bugs
  • convolution direction / excess smoothing issue in PSF matching

Serge Chastel

  • attended conference

Heather Flewelling

  • sick 2.5 days
  • attended conference (some of the days)
  • liason questions for JT and DM
  • prepared for other conference (aas)

Roy Henderson

  • PS1SC meeting all week
    • did PSVO workshop in Tuesday
    • lots of questions and support the rest of the week
    • spent a lot of time talking with visitors about various PSPS/IPP issues
  • PSVO - lots of fixes and enhancements based of feedback from users:
    • now performing cleanup of old VOTables stored locally from previous sessions
    • fixed memory bug affecting large queries on fast queue
    • introduced popup offering promotion of a fast query to a slow query if it exceeds the time limit
    • fixed issue where results of slow queries needed to be downloaded from PSPS more than once if passed to other SAMP clients
    • failed queries on both queues now produce a popup with a readable error description
    • each query tab is now a 'split pane', meaning the relative sizes of the query and table parts of the panel can be adjusted by the user
    • query and catalog now stored in Derby history
    • right-clicking on a historical query row allows you to re-run it in a new tab
    • fixed bug where queries that included single quotes and saved to history could not be re-run

Mark Huber

  • PS1SC conference, sample of MD.GR0 slides
  • Couple days of LAP czar learning/untangling some updates stalling LAP processing.
  • PSVO testing and trying to create MD04 refstack sample of JPGs with WCS for overplotting in aladin.

Bill Sweeney

This covers the past couple of weeks

  • Spent many many hours trying to fix M31 processed data that was lost when ipp064 went down a couple of weeks ago. In human terms it would have been easier to simply re-queue the data for processing. This task was finished on Tuesday Jan 10.
  • Fixed bug in astrometry that was causing the CNP fields to fail. Reprocessed all CNP data. They are now ready for analysis.
  • PS1SC conference
  • prepared and delivered a session on the postage stamp server
  • consulted with Johannes on potential ways we can improve the astrometry of the STS fields. We will test constructing a reference catalog from the PS1 data
  • debugged problem with ppImage crashing on chip XY17. The cause of the crash is a bug in psphot where threading is not used properly. Consulting with Gene and Paul Price points to a potential solution.
  • several days as acting processing czar
  • wrote a program to repair detect corrupt raw images and replace them with a good instance or mark as unavailable if all have been lost.
  • ran test of 5 filter staticsky photometry. There are some quality issues and a bug that need to be addressed before turning the code lose on the entire LAP data set

Chris Waters

  • Vacation.
  • Conference.
  • Remembering what I was working on a month ago.