IPP Progress Report for the week 2012.05.07 - 2012.05.11

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Eugene Magnier

  • I worked on the photometric ladder paper; I have a draft, but it needs more work. I also need to refine the subsample selection a bit
  • I updated dvomerge
    • added the ability to merge into a parallelized dvo database
    • added code to save the size and moddate of each input table when merged into the master database. this allows us to re-merge after a failure and only have the previously un-merged tables merge.

Serge Chastel

Heather Flewelling

  • PSPS
    • MD04
      • ran relphot on MD04.20120307
      • queued and loaded objects
    • SAS.20120510
      • building new dvodb off of label SAStest.v4
        • cam stage is done, staticsky is in progress and I will run relphot -averages once done
      • waiting for PSPS to tell me when to start loading
    • LAP: I was supposed to load stacks, I did not yet because of problems on the ipp side
    • many discussions with Roy on many psps things, including: we need a way to track when to queue objects (when to run relphot -averages).
  • dvodb
    • discovered the most recent merge of LAP was hung (since Apr 20).
      • Gene investigated - involved weirdness with out of memory - he debugged it
      • dvodb recovery: dvoverify says it's fine. It died mid-merge, so I need to merge the rest. I'm still in the process of making a backup of the affected directories before I do a region based dvomerge
  • liason
    • transferred detrends used for SAS to rsync server. rediscovered that detselect is not useful (we need to make it useful), and I still have some unanswered questions about detrends.

Roy Henderson

  • added Trac tickets for all outstanding PSVO bugs/enhancements
  • PSVO:
    • introduced versioning (trac enhancement # 357)
      • version number is stored in the config file
      • online version of config means instances of PSVO can check for newer version
      • user prompted if new version is available, taken to webpage for download
    • new users can now view and accept PSPS terms and conditions from PSVO (trac enhancement # 355)
    • fixed bug where new users would still be connected to previous user's Derby Db (trac bug # 369)
    • added functionality to rename query tabs (trac enhancement # 361)
    • created new graphic for header panel as well as new Mac icon
    • new 'About' menu option from which users can check for a new version
    • work towards making mask generator and coord converter subclasses of more generic 'queryhelper' abstract class
  • more developer documentation for PSVO:
    • notes on the new config file
    • detailed notes about how to make a release of PSVO
  • fixed minor bug in ippToPsps where an incomplete config would break the metrics program
  • more help with mailing-list handover. Rita is now in charge...
  • helped Heather load MD4 objects

Mark Huber

  • Czar Wednesday and Thursday, a little miscellaneous kicking LAP.
  • Most of week spend getting up to speed on the STS fields and data to produce a refstack of 2011 exposures for MOPS (details to be added on http://svn.pan-starrs.ifa.hawaii.edu/trac/ipp/wiki/STS.refstack.20120510). Not the best, but maybe sufficient.
    • full set of 7 fields finished -- inspection shows some odd regions/skycells that may be problematic.
    • like with the MD refstacks, extra reftest runs were added with different inputs for quality and field coverage comparisons.
    • initial diffim tests run.
  • Clean-up of ppStack past tests continues, about halfway done, in order to then return to alternative setting tests for the convolved stack target PSF.

Bill Sweeney

  • Continued to work on the Kron magnitude measurements in psphot. Verified that we can obtain flux measurements consistent with SExtractor if we get the radius right. Performed a set of experiments with various recipe values to help us decide what the configuration should be.
  • Lots of time was working on visualization and measurement tools as opposed to the code.
  • Implemented a function to add and subtract a smoothed version of a model for a source.

Chris Waters

  • Ghosts: Finished ghost modeling, with new version that correctly masks the majority of ghost reflections.
  • Queued new SAS2 processing.
  • Restarted LAP with new sequence id (seq_id = 10) at 2hr RA.
  • Stacking: Looked at the stack quality in SAS2, and began thinking about rejection with boosted variances.
  • AAS Poster work.