IPP Progress Report for the week 20120604 - 20120610

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Eugene Magnier

We had some problems this week with hardware for the main gpc1 processing database. We had to switch to the replicated server, but the hardware was not really up to the task (there were also some configuration issues that made operations there extra slow). We had to reduce services somewhat this week while we worked off of the other machine. We clearly need to upgrade that host (ippdb02) to match the capabilities of the main server (ippdb01). Relatedly, the Nebulous re-ingest finally succeeded (10 days!) and we are back and running on the main server (ippdb00).

  • worked with Chris to discover the cause of the psphot issues he was having: the model variance code I checked in was apparently responsible (despite not being called, I thought). I ifdef'ed out that code so the operational tag can use the old-style image variance mode correctly.
  • passed a copy of the photometry ladder around core author list
  • IPP build upgrades to support current gcc and Ubuntu distributions (still some Perl 5.14 issues tbd).

Serge Chastel

Heather Flewelling

  • vacation 2 days
  • alaska poster
  • figuring out durham travel
  • liason - files for craig
  • addstar fixes - handles staticsky correctly now (needed after bill's changes to staticsky)
  • SAS.20120607 (using SAStest.v5) started building

Mark Huber

  • Czar Monday, misc troubleshooting when switched over to backup gpc1 db server and keeping eye on the postage stamp/update server
  • documentation continued on STS.refstack + diffims, ppStack convolved target PSF.
  • MD09.GR0 reprocessing for refstacks, nightly stacks, staticsky. working through image errors.
  • postage stamps of strange object for John.
  • continued investigating PSPS SAS06 xmatch 2MASS with Conrad.

Bill Sweeney

  • vacation

Chris Waters

  • work on footprint tests
  • exploration of psphot issues
  • work on masking improvements.