IPP Progress Report for the week 2012.06.11 - 2012.06.15

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Eugene Magnier

  • processed as set of OT guided exposures for Peter & Craig to measure standard deviation in 32x32 pixels cells across the exposures. Maps of this value show the impact of the OT guiding on the data. Quick summary: for most chips, the noise levels are largely consistent with the unguided noise levels. For 5 chips, more than 50% of the devices have substantially elevated noise: from an expected stdev of 14 from read noise and sky noise to values of 50 - 150 electrons of noise. For a few more chips, the impact is smaller (noise levels elevated by 10-20 DN) or come from only a small fraction of the chips.
  • more work on support for modern versions of linux. The full system now builds on both our cluster (with linux packages vintage 2005 - 2008) and my desktop machines (Ubuntu 12.04). Most changes were caused by changes in the languages: gcc has more pedantic warnings, and since we use -Werror, we must address those warnings, and Perl has changed the result of a test ('ref') to include results not previously supplied ('Regexp'). There is also an issue with the linking options for gcc which I believe is actually a bug (symbols not found in libraries regardless of the link order).
  • Telecon with Scott Michael of Indiana University re: Data Capacitor. We are now getting at least 3Gb/sec to their cluster, and we should be able to start putting data onto their system. We can put large amounts (~1PB or more) onto their tape-based archive for long term (~infinite), but we need to be a bit careful about how this is seen by our system. We can also buffer a smaller amount (10s of TB) for shorter periods (2-4 months) on spinning disk with high availability.

Serge Chastel

  • Fixed replication of scidbm/ippdb01 to scidbs1/ippdb03 (and ippc17 for isp)
  • Fixed replication of scidbm/ippdb01 to scidbs2/ipp001(2)
  • Helped Denver accessing the different slaves according to mops needs
  • ippMonitor: Restricted a few queries (diffSummary_Images and camProcessedExp_Images).
  • ippMonitor: Restriction is now used after the count (modified generate script). The count can however be still restricted if the RESTRICTED_COUNT keyword is used (see example in def/rawBurntoolState.d) so that we can restrict even on count when it takes too much time querying.
  • In ~ipp/src/ippMonitor/supervision: Created (and tested) the script named check_if_mysql_slave_is_running_fine.py. It sends an e-mail to ps-ipp-ops if the mysql replication is broken or late by more than 10000 seconds. It's running on all hosts running a mysql server replicating databases namely: ippdb02, ippdb03, ippc17, ippc19, and ipp001.

Heather Flewelling

  • at AAS

Mark Huber

  • Czar Tuesday and Wednesday, subbed in Thursday morning.
  • Generally working through and tracking down system/processing issues with little exposure to before -- missing chips from astrometry failures, MOPS PSS setup requests and nightly science processing, summitcopy faults.

Bill Sweeney

  • Vacation

Chris Waters

  • Anchorage for AAS.